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Nigerian Army, Boko Haram clash in Borno leave 16 dead

By Newsdesk

The clash between Nigerian Army and Boko Haram members in Borno state has left no fewer than 16 persons including one military officer dead.

It was gathered that the military officer was killed yesterday when they clashed at Gwoza in Borno state. But the causalities increased on Wednesday when the military embarked on repelling attack, killing atleast 15 insurgents.

Confirming number of causalities, military spokesperson, Brig. Gen. Sani Kukasheka, lamented that the military lost one of its soldier during the clash.

Kukasheka disclosed that the troops repelled attempt by the insurgents to infiltrate a military outpost in the area, adding, the troops had utilized heavy fire power to defeat the insurgents who attacked in trucks and high-caliber ammunition.

He disclosed that several insurgents escaped with gunshot wounds, assuring Nigerians that they remain determined in their task of safeguarding communities and providing a conducive environment for humanitarian agencies to do their work.

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