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Lagos issues 24hrs ultimatum for Oshodi-Apapa roadside traders removal

By Abdulwaheed Usamah,

The Lagos State Government has said that after its 24 hours vacation notice, served furniture traders on Oshodi-Apapa, who were of habit of trading on the road setbacks and walkways, lapses, it would go tough against people found doing business at the place after it warning.

It stated that it had came to its notice that traders, particularly those who sell used furniture on the road, have been constituting nuisance and security threat to residents who leave along the axis of the state

The Chairman, the Lagos State Task Force, SP Olayinka Egbeyemi, disclosed that the government had served a 24 hours vacation notice to the traders due to environmental nuisance they were alleged to being constituting.

Through a statement released from the agency on Sunday, Egbeyemi stated that no responsible and responsive government would tolerate heavy environmental degradation being perpetuated by these illegal traders around that axis.

He claimed that illegal shanties constructed by furniture traders at ‘Itire’ and ‘Ijesha’ axis of the state hadbecome an abode for criminals.

“Residents around these areas could no longer sleep with their two eyes closed because of criminals activities being perpetuated by some miscreants and hoodlums who pretended to be new/fairly used furniture traders around Itire and Ijesha axis”

He hinted that residents living a long the road were also warned to desists from dumping refuse on the median, road setbacks and walkways.

According to him, the warning became imperative as anyone caught dumping refuse at undesignated spots by would be charge to court for prosecution.

“The Lagos state government enjoined members of the public to properly package and dump their refuse inside waste-bin provided by ‘Cleaner Lagos Initiative’ at different designations across the State.


Adebayo Taofiq
Head, Public Affairs Unit

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