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Lagos gay partner on the run, relatives in search

By NewsDesk,

For a two gay partner, Olalekan Animashaun and Tola Adeosun, who may have willingly been playing ignorant against law that forbid homosexuality in Nigeria, nemesis may not had had its share on them after the duo were caught while engaging in same sex actions during a nightparty in Shomolu axis of Lagos, recently.

The middle age men were said to had narrowly escaped from been lynched by other party attendances who went after them on learning of their actions after manager of the facility raised alarm after he got hints of the two men from his subordinates.

It was gathered that, while both Animashaun, 34, and Adeosun, 32, were held for police arrest, argument ensued between two rivalry cult groups, with one demanding for the release of the gay partner, while the other stood against the decision.

The Guild learnt that disagreement between the cult groups and operator of the facility, lead to the escape of the the two men before arrival of law enforcement officers from Alade Divisional Police Station, who later went in search of the duo.

Investigation by The Guild revealed that the two young men had previously been suspected of homosexuality and that concerned community members had constantly been drawing Animashaun and Adeosun relatives’ attention to unusual closeness and strange attitude noticed between the two.

While the two men were said to still be on the run and their whereabouts were yet unknown, there were strong believes that capital punishment were awaiting the duo, should they show up in future.

Meanwhile, a law signed in 2014 made it illegal for gay members to even meeting, the act,  Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act, also criminalizes homosexual clubs, associations and organizations, with penalties of up to 14 years in jail.

On visiting the area, a resident who lives close to party venue where the incident had occurred informed The Guild of how homosexuality has been secretly gaining ground in the axis couple with cultism which the area was known for and that the case of the the gay partner was not new in that part of the Lagos.

The man, who pleaded not be mentioned due to sensitivity of the matter, disclosed that he got hint of Animashaun and Adeosun relationship before their matter came public and since the incident, the duo had gone into tin air.

He said that the two men had not shown up in the area after the incident, suspecting that police may still be searching them and that they could also be attacked by community members.

He added that the gay partner’s families had not communicated since after the their sons committed the atrocity, facing mockery from entire community.

Both Adeosun and Animashaun have put their families in shame and uncomfortable situation. The parents of the two young men are scared of not losing their children.

A close relative to one of the gay partner, Ola Yusuf, said that she learnt of the incident a day after it occurred and that since then his cousin had not appear in the area.

She said that they have been everywhere in search of Adeosun and Animashaun but all their efforts had been in vain.

She explained that the two young men may had flee for their lives base on beating they received from other party attendances and also scared of severe punishment from police.

Condemning the actions of the gay partner, Yusuf claimed that his cousin was a religious man but that something must have gone, such that could be linked to psychological and spiritual attack.

“We, the family would not watch and let our sons die. We have been searching for them, to see how we can talk to them over the situation they have put us and they themselves.

“They are scared of the consequence of their actions and particular the police arrest that may be waiting for them anytime they show up”, she disclosed.

However, an eye witness told The Guild that the two gay men were caught engaging in an unusual sexual act and that incident occurred when the suspects left spot bar in Shomolu where they have attended the party organized by another friend.

“It all started when they were spotted by those working at the party’s venue who reported the two upon seeing them in the act”.

“Both suspects were attacked and sustained injuries but were able to escape from the scene with the aid of some area boys who recognized Animashaun, been a resident of the area.

Another one said that both men were caressing and dancing together at the party and she believes that nobody suspected the two men are gays as they thought they were having fun at the party.

She said the gay partner were family men who were expected to be of good conduct but behave otherwise.

She indicated that the partner have kids who would were looking up to them but failed to be be a good role models, even within their community.

“This is a big shame for Animashaun because his wife is devout Christian and I am sure that she will be disappointed of her husband’s act.

“I am not surprise to hear the woman had left their apartment after the incident because of shameful act of her husband”, she said.

Another resident claimed that people in the area became uncomfortable of noticed closeness between the two men when they began isolating themselves from other childhood friends.

He said that other friends had alleged the two of homosexuality on several occasion but decided to treat the matter with care so as not to raise wrong alarm.

Meanwhile, several attempts by The Guild to speak to the divisional police officer to confirm the matter, prove abortive as the officer were not available.












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