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Indian artist acknowledges Nigerian counterparts’ talents, potentials

By NewsDesk,

An Indian artist, Shanta Roy, has identified Nigerian counterparts as possessors of great talents and potentials such that could make them compete at global stage.

Roy, who spoke on the dedication of Nigerian stars on Monday in Abuja, expressed satisfied she was with level of inputs in her artwork by Nigerian artists.

The highly rated Indian artist with master degree in Fine Art stated that Nigerian artists were great in the art and that they have continue exhibiting potentials in them


She noted that how history paired Nigeria and India with similar artistic characteristics, stressing that, the two are originally into more of sculpture unlike Europeans who are more into painting.

“I like art works by Nigerian artists; though some do more of observing people, things and draw; however, they have great talents and potentials.

“They can learn a little bit of artistry or study more online and work on monumental images and not pictures alone.

“This will make them improve and become better; however, I respect their talents and potentials,’’ she said.

On her latest master piece at the Indian High Commission titled “Meeting India in Abuja’’, Roy informed that mural mosaic work requested by the commission took her about two months to complete.

“Some of the Nigerian artists that assisted me on the work which has 120 square meter area were so helpful and nice; they are fast learners with great potentials.

“The work seeks to bring a piece of India to Nigeria when we celebrated India at 70. About 500,000 pieces of tiles were used to create the image.

“It depicts India’s unity in diversity and its unique combination of cultures, religions, languages and development, which is similar to that of Nigeria,’’ Roy said.

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