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Ghana launches national campaign on sanitation

By Olawale Abdul-Fatah with agency report

The Ghanaian President, Nana Akufo-Addo, has launched a national campaign on sanitation, pledging his commitment to rid the country of filth.

In leading by example, Akufo-Addo indicated that every government department and agency had assigned two officers to act as sanitation marshals to oversee compliance of by-laws on sanitation in their offices.

“Successive Ghanaian governments have tried to inculcate a habit of greater discipline in the care of our surroundings. It has not succeeded. My government intends to walk a new path,” he said.

Additionally, a corps of young people called the national sanitation brigade would see to the enforcement of rules and regulations on sanitation whether in state, private establishments or households.

The president noted that the personnel would conduct regular visits to all offices to ensure compliance and tale legal action against those infringing on the laws.

It was gathered that the national sanitation campaign comes at the backdrop of a promise by the president to make the national capital Accra the cleanest city in Africa by 2020.

It is expected to change the attitude of Ghanaians as regards proper sanitation and to consolidate existing national policies on sanitation.

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