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Disquiets trail Malaysia king resignation

By News desk

Malaysia is in a state of confusion after its king, Sultan Muhammad V of Kelantan, abdicated the throne in a historically unprecedented move.

Muhammad, who resigned as the 15th Agong, or Supreme Ruler of the federation, assumed office five years ago

Announcing his resignation, the National Palace, yesterday, said stressed that the country’s monarch were often selected on a rotational basis from amongst the country’s nine monarchical heads for a stipulated five-year term.

The king’s role is largely ceremonial, as most of the authority to govern is held by the prime minister and cabinet.

It was gathered that the next king in line is the Sultan of Pahang, but the 88-year-old’s ailing health has raised questions of who should rightly succeed.

To prevent any vacuum, the council of nine sultans met at the National Palace to determine who becomes next king after the unplanned abdication.

Rumours had been swirling that the king might step down after a rare meeting was convened amongst the country’s nine state rulers recently.

Muhammad had been on a two-month leave of absence since November, during which time reports and images surfaced that he had wedded former Russian beauty queen Oksana Voevodina in Moscow.

The palace has neither confirmed nor denied these reports, however the wedding sparked concerns that a foreigner might be inaugurated as Queen.

During the king’s absence, the Sultan of Perak, Nazrin Muizzuddin Shah, was assigned to rule as Deputy King.

Malaysian Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamed, denied rumours of an abdication, saying he did not receive letters or any official indication about the possible abdication.


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