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Egypt train crash death toll hits 36

By Newsdesk and agency report

The death toll in a train crash outside Mediterranean city of Alexandria, Egypt, has increased to 36 and 123 others severely injured after the accident.

In the crash which involved two trains has been described by the country’s emergency officials as the deadliest in a string of such accidents in Egypt.

The country’s ministry of health in a statement made available to newsmen on Friday, lamented that despite efforts to reduce causalities, the number has increased to 36.

Some of the corpses and injured were initially placed on blankets by the sides of the tracks running through farmland on the outskirts of Alexandria.

The assistant health minister, Sharif Wadi, who granted interview to newsmen few meters away from the scene, stated that most of the injured had been taken to hospital.

At the scene of the crash, it was gathered that one of the trains had partly keeled over in the crash, and medics were seen moving the dead and injured to ambulances.

Transport ministry officials, quoted on state television, said the crash was probably caused by a malfunction in one train that brought it to a halt on the rails. The other train then crashed into it.

Sources disclosed that one of the train had left Cairo to the northern city of Alexandria and the other from the canal city of Port Said, east of the capital, to Alexandria.

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, in his condolence message to victims’ families, ordered probe to hold accountable those responsible for the disaster.

It was the deadliest train accident in the North African country since a train ploughed into a bus carrying schoolchildren five years ago, killing 47 people.

That accident had jolted the government which ordered an investigation and sacked the transport minister and the head of the railway authority.

It would be recalled that during the probe, it was discovered that the accident occurred due to negligence on the part of a train signal operator who fell asleep while on duty.

But despite the probe, another accident occurred months later; with a train conveying the country’s finest military conscripts derailed, killing 17 people.

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