Dazzling Little Stones on Ankara trends

By Abimbola Adebayo

Adding dazzling little gem like stones on the Ankara fabrics as become the latest fashion statement for fashion loving ladies in Nigeria.

For these ladies, the Ankara fabrics embellishment with these little stones is a must have for their wardrobe fashion statement.

The placement of these little dazzling stones on the patterns of the Ankara fabrics otherwise known in the global fashion world as African print blinks and beautify the fabric especially under lightning.

It gives a nice finishing to what would have been an ordinarily looking material. Turning it into a work of art.

The dazzling effects of the stones works so well on any fashion outfit be it a shirt, gown, skirt, pants and for a fact it work well for every occasion making a must have for the fashion loving ladies.

‘Marriage at First Sight’ Does it work?

There is a belief that marriage is not easy, especially when someone marries at first sight.

On the Thursday, July 13, episode of Married at First Sight, the three couples were starting to realize that decision day was fast-approaching, and no one was feeling very good about it, that’s when they decide if they are going to stay together or get a divorce.

It was gathered that the three pairs of newlyweds had recently met and seeing how the others were doing had stirred up all kinds of emotions for… well, for just about everyone. Cody was even more bummed that he and Danielle still weren’t knocking boots after realizing the other married duos most certainly were.

“It’s making me question my marriage,” Cody admitted to the camera, while Danielle added that she was longing for that passion that they just didn’t have.

college application essay writing service proofreading Cody and Danielle Keep Trying at Their Relationship

Cody and Danielle tried to rev up their intimacy by going on a run together. It seemed to help, until Cody announced that he was “ready to go have sex right now.” Danielle froze and replied, “I don’t know if I’m quite there.” To the camera, she reiterated that the fact that Cody kept bringing up their lack of a sex life wasn’t making her feel like having sex.

Later, they went on a staycation at the hotel where they tied the knot. “I care about Cody a lot, I do,” she said to the camera. With the decision day approaching, I just want him to know that I am still in it and I am still working on it.”

They went for some drinks on a rooftop, which Cody said was “romantic.” Danielle quickly snapped that she was having trouble feeling “romantic.” Then she asked Cody how much he trusted her on a scale of one to 10. He said four or five.

http://www.dasquire.com/how-to-buy-a-research-paper-online/ Anthony and Ashley Refuse to Say ‘I Love You’

Of all the couples, Anthony and Ashley seemed to be doing the best. They were having small conflicts over her refusal to change her last name and his tendency to procrastinate, but overall, they definitely liked each other and seemed to enjoy being married. While Anthony admitted his feelings for Ashley were “growing for sure,” he confessed that he hadn’t said the L-word yet and cited the fact that people in his family didn’t say it to each other much.

Ashley meanwhile said she thought she was falling in love, probably, but she wanted Anthony to say it first. Instead of telling each other how they felt, they headed to a cooking class and then to an indoor skydiving center – but it seemed that the L-bomb would be dropped in the foreseeable future.

http://www.urbanhhealth.com/construction-dissertation-ideas/ Sheila and Nate Might Have Too Much Passion

Though their sex life was apparently very, very healthy, Sheila and Nate were really struggling to “stabilize,” as Sheila put it. Of all the couples, they seemed to have the most passion for each other, but also the biggest fights. “We can’t build an entire life together and have such extreme lows and highs,” Sheila reasoned to the camera. Nate insisted he was “extremely committed to have a successful marriage,” but at some point, off-camera, the two had yet another blow-up argument that led to Sheila packing her things and moving out of the home they shared.

Though it wasn’t caught on camera, Sheila had allegedly called Nate a “bitch,” which he responded to about as well as one would expect. When he asked her where that came from, she said, “From you acting like a bitch.” According to Sheila, Nate had said some terrible, “spiteful” things about her past that she had considered far enough below the belt that she couldn’t stay with him anymore.

Sheila ignored Nate’s calls for a long time but finally agreed to meet. He apologized (again) but she said she did not accept his apology. “I’m not going to salvage something that is beyond repair,” Sheila said. “Words don’t mean anything. Actions speak louder than words. It is evident that you are not sorry.” She added, “I don’t want to be with someone like you, period. Now I am going to end the marriage.”

Source: Yahoo!


In new  episode of Dele Issues, Samuel Ajibola flogs a school girl 

By Ada Dike

  In the episode 8 of Dele Issues (Daily Issues), Dele plays the role of a university lecturer and is seen expressing his dissatisfaction with the recent happenings as published in an unidentified newspaper, when a female student who apparently failed his course walks in to sort things out with him.

 Produced by a Nollywood actor, Samuel Ajibola, in this episode titled “Mr Lecturer”, the plot twist of this episode comes in when Dele gives the lady a response that made her believe he had fallen for her tricks, only to be disappointed.

 Dele Issues  revolves around the main character of the series; Dele, who encounters the constant dilemma that comes with everyday life. The skits are popular for having elements of comedy-drama and satire – ultimately making the series a must-watch.


Tips on how to arrange clothes in wardrobe

Wardrobe as a unit is one of the most important items in your life as it carries your clothing which is your second skin. It is essential to keep your wardrobe refined as it mirrors your self esteem and your sense of worth.

Organizing clothes

What do you have as a wardrobe? Is it just a space between two walls, a shelf above the door, a couple of boxes, or a full room walk-in closet?

Regardless of what your wardrobe looks like, easy access to your things make it a place you can visit with serene and not with combat.

Every wardrobe normally has things that are in vogue, things that are going, things that that need to go and things that have gone. Here are a few tips on how to have that wardrobe that reveals the real you.

  • Empty your entire closet. Throw out clothes and related accessories that haven’t seen the light of day since you were eight years old. Is there stuff that you haven’t touched in years? That ’80s style tie-dye shirt which you hope would be back in style? An old pair of corduroy pants that you expect to fit into, once you lose those 20 kilograms. Avoid holding on to old clothes with the hope that they will come back in style.


  • To organise your wardrobe, invest in closet organizers such as pullout shelves with dividers, plastic boxes and drawers. Besides being space savers, closet organisers cut search time for a particular piece of clothing, as every thing is neatly filed and readily accessible.

  • Another important must-have item to organize your wardrobe is the hanger. Metal hangers are a popular but not trendy. To make metal hangers more appreciable, cello-tape the tips of the hangers and paint them in a uniform colour. Never keep rusty or broken hangers.


  • You can also double your closet space by adding a second clothes rail, if you have the space.

  • When organising your closet, store the same kind of clothes together. If possible, sort by colour and occassion for easier colour coordination. For example, avoid mixing working shirts with weekend tops. This will save you shifting through various types of clothes on days when you are rushing for time.



  • Keep frequently used items within reach, in order to facilitate easy access.

* Lastly hang some scent or freshener in your closet to lightly scent your clothes and to make you feel good when you open it.






How Nigerian men and women rock ethnic attires


Benin style

see url By Ada Dike  

Nigerians are conscious of what to wear at every point in time. They enhance their looks through hair-dos and like to be complimented about their dressing.

Despite the infiltration of western attires into Nigerian dress code, some Nigerians can’t do without wearing ethnic attires.

Even as their wardrobes also contain clothes that depict western culture, they love to adorn their traditional attires.

There are different regions in Nigeria and people from each region in the past were recognised by their attires.

For example, Igbo women adorn two wrappers with a blouse while their male wear velvety materials that has elephant or tiger heads emblazoned on it.

The Yorubas wear Buba and Sokoto. The Ibibios/Efik

Efik style

wear big top and tied George material. The Niger-Delta people can be spotted by their hats while Hausa/Fulanis liked Kaftan or Danshiki.

What does not change is change. Today, Nigerians wear attires which were

Benin style

hitherto referred to as attire


for a particular region.

Agbada is a Yoruba style
Niger Delta style

Wizkid, Davido, Funke Akindele, others recommended for 2017 African Pride Awards

go to site By Ada Dike

Notable young African movie and music stars have been nominated for 2017 African Pride Awards (APA) scheduled to hold at Montcalm Hotel, London on Sunday, August 13.

Leading the 2017 award nominations among others include; Wizkid, Davido, Mr Eazi, Tekno, Yemi Alade, Shatta Wale, Tiwa Savage and Diamond Platnumz, and the artists on the list were all nominated for ‘Artist Of The Year (Africa)’ award.

The likes of Maleek Berry, Sona, Moelogo, Eugy, Juls and Ms. Banks were nominated for the ‘Artist Of The Year (UK)’ category, according to a statement sent to The Guild by the awards organisers.

It was learnt that African movie stars such as, Funke Akindele, AY, John Dumelo, Nana Ama McBrown, Nomzamo Mbatha and Abraham Attah, would be vying for the Outstanding Achievement In Film (Africa) award, while the likes of John Boyega, Idris Elba, Maria Gomez, Chucky Venn, and Daniel Kaluuya, would battle for ‘Outstanding Achievement In Film (UK)’ award category.

Also nominated were Nqobile, Ezinne Asinugo, Sherri Silver and GOP Dancers in the ‘Dance/Choreography Of The Year’ category, as well as Bella Naija, Iroko TV, Linda Ikeji, Afrobeat360 and Factory 78, in the ‘African Online Entertainment Platform Of The Year’ category, and Abrantee, Twin B, Julie Adenuga, Maya Jama, Manny Norte in the ‘Radio Personality Of The Year’ category.

Meanwhile, African music legend, Awilo Longomba, according to its organisers, would be honoured with the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’, while ‘Special Recognition Award’ nods would be presented to Ade Adepitan, SBTV, Link Up TV, GRM Daily, John Boyega, Larry Ekundayo, Eddie Kadi and The Compozers, who they said were also confirmed to perform at the awards ceremony.

Other awards categories being announced via the African Pride Awards website include Outstanding Media & PR Agency Of The Year, Makeup Artist Of The Year, African Club/Club Night of The Year, Event Organiser/Promoter Of The Year, TV Personality Of The Year, African TV Station Of The Year, Comedian Of The Year, Social Media Personality of The Year, and Outstanding Disk Jockey Of The Year, just to mention a few.
African Pride Awards made its debut last July, which saw Wizkid, Fuse ODG, CEO Dancers and Anthony Joshua took home the biggest prizes of the night, having been voted for by over half a million people online.

Speaking about what to expect from the African Pride Awards this year, the Chief Executive Officer of Africa Unplugged and Therapy Ent, Abiodun Osibodu, said this year’s event would be better than the previous one.

“We are so proud, yet humbled to have honoured so many Africans doing incredible things in the diaspora and in Africa at the first ever APA in 2016. This year, we will be honouring more people who have excelled within the community and celebrating our culture and heritage in a bigger way,” Osibodu said.

He further said that voting was open to the public, with the first round of voting to end on July 30, and final public voting set to close on August 10. “Winners will be announced at the main award gala and ceremony on August 13, 2017,” he added.

Everyday etiquette for everyone

http://samassistance.altervista.org/?professional-resume-writing-services-5th-prince By Ada Adike

To be a lady or gentleman is by choice, and  for sake of humanity and civility, it is better to take high road and be a lady or a gentleman.

i need help wrting a personal essay   enter  Down the Noise
The world has become too noisy, so try not to add to it. Keep your cell phone ringer volume as low as possible. If you work in an office cubicle, be considerate of your fellow office mates by keeping your voice low while chatting on the phone. Don’t honk at other drivers unless it’s to avoid an accident.

watch Eat Politely
Whether you brought your lunch or you’re eating out with friends, everyone appreciates good table manners that your parents should have taught you. Keep your elbows off the table, don’t talk with your mouth full, and avoid reaching across people to grab the saltshaker. Formal dinners have more etiquette rules, so if you’ll be going to one of those, take a little time to brush up on what’s expected.

go to site Remove Your Hat
The old remove-the-hat-indoors etiquette rule seems to have gone out the window, but there are still some guidelines that you’d be wise to follow. If your hat is large and obstructs someone’s view (such as at church or in a theater), remove it, better still you can sit where you will not block other people’s view. If you are on a business call or job interview, don’t risk being seen as impolite by leaving your hat on. When the national anthem is played, it’s a sign of respect to stand and remove your hat.

source link Send a Thank You Note
Being thankful will never go out of style. When someone does something for you, or sends you a gift, thank the person with a hand written note. It’s the least you can do for a person who has taken the time to think of you.

http://www.dekart.com/?do-your-homework Introduce People
When you are in a situation where you’re the only person who knows the other parties, take the time to introduce them. Look at the person whose name you are saying, speak clearly, and if you’re in a social setting, find something the people have in common. For example, you might say, “Ada, I’d like you to meet my friend Funke. She just got back from Germany, and since you used to live there, I thought you might enjoy talking about your experiences.”




Top of Form

Bottom of Form



Mother Breastfeeds child despite bashing from a woman

dissertation portraiture By Ada Adike

A mother, Kayla Martinez, breastfed her 8-month-old baby at a local indoor trampoline park of Amarillo, Texas, despite complaints about her breast being exposed.

It was gathered that she was enjoying a family afternoon with her two daughters when the baby was ready to be fed. So while Martinez, simultaneously kept a close eye on her 3-year-old, she began to breastfeed her child.

Their peaceful stay at that park was disturbed when a worker approached her to inform her about how others felt in the park, according to a July 3 Facebook post from Martinez that has brought 3.9K reactions and more than 2,000 shares.

“I am feeding my child, she is hungry, and it was time for me to do what any mother would do — take care of her baby,” Martinez tells Yahoo Beauty while recounting the incident.

Suggestions by the worker for Martinez use a private room for her to breastfeed her child in private went into a deaf ear.

“I felt such shame for doing what should be considered normal and a beautiful moment between a mother and a child,” she said.

“Breasts are for feeding your sons and daughters.”

The 26-year-old woman became uncomfortable at a quiet place she went to.

“The woman went out of her way to verbally attack me. She was enraged and began to degrade me, calling me ‘indecent,’ and saying that I was sexually exposing myself to her nephew,” she explained.

According to her, the woman looked like she was in her mid-50s and wonders if it was a case of a generational disconnect. But she wished mothers would be supportive of other woman and their choices.

“I choose to breastfeed my child whenever she asks me for it. What people don’t really realize is that breastfeeding is extremely difficult. I can’t put a blanket over my child because she gets hot and uncomfortable, she won’t eat.”

The woman threatened to call the police if Martinez didn’t cover her breast up, but her ex-husband, a police officer, stepped in and educated the lady on Texas law, which states that mothers have the right to feed their children however and whenever they feel comfortable doing it.

The woman didn’t back off, though, and continued to cause a scene.

“I had to be strong, not just for me but for the many other mothers that have gone through this. There is nothing wrong with your body, and there shouldn’t be a stigma in our society that breasts are meant to be sexual body parts for enjoyment. The reality is that they are solely for mommies feeding their babies.”

Martinez stood her ground until the woman left — but not before complaining to management for an extra 20 minutes.

“Once she was gone, I broke down in the corner. I was as strong as I can be, but her nasty words were too much. I don’t wish this experience on anyone.”

Source: Yahoo!

Azeezat Allen explains why she sings about love

By Ada Adike

Azeezat Allen went into music professionally in 1999 after taking part in a show called ‘Girls Nite Out’. The National treasurer of (PMAN) caretaker committee recently shared light on Nigerian music industry, her career, marriage and why she likes singing about love.


Azeezat Allen

In a nutshell 
Nigerian music industry is a sector that has continued to evolve, thrive and boom more than before. We are really evolving and will soon dominate the world scene. Nigerian artistes are quite talented and creative. They have continued to release songs that appeal to the masses, that is why you can hardly hear a foreign music played at an event these days
How piracy can be curbed in the music industry
If everyone refuses to encourage piracy, it will disappear. You can discourage pirates by not patronizing them. But don’t forget that this is not the only form of piracy we have. All these people mentioned in my previous answer are pirates if they don’t get licensed by a government approved collecting society like the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON).


How Nigerian music industry can be moved to a higher level
When users of music including radio and TV stations, hotels, filling stations, banks, restaurants and other people who use music to improve their businesses, pay for the use of those music, artistes will smile and live better lives and there will be less situations of artistes dying in penury.

What will happen in the entertainment industry in the next five years
I can’t really predict that but I know that we’ll keep getting better and better. Hopefully, we’ll be at the centre stage of the world music industry.

Why my husband and I are active members of Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON]
Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON) is a revolutionary organization with the sole duty of collecting royalties on behalf of artistes in Nigeria. Before now, when asked what I will do to curb piracy in the industry, I used to answer that all I need do is support COSON 100 percent. When I was called upon by my people to serve on the board, I humbly accepted because it was an opportunity to do more.

Achievements COSON has recorded so far
COSON distributed a hundred million naira to artistes for music used, which has not happened before in the history of Nigeria. This has also put COSON in the league of top collecting societies in Africa.

Ways Nigerian government can encourage or support entertainment industry?

Government should enforce laws that are already in the constitution, laws that will make living better for our artistes, especially laws regarding intellectual property.

Why I took a break sometime ago
I took a needed break to review, renew and rediscover myself. Right now, there’s no stopping. I am back and better. I know my fans have missed me so much and I have lots of work to make it up to them for their loyalty all these years.

Genre of my music
The genre of my music is known as Rhythm and Soul.

In the beginning

I am destined to be a musician but, I went into music professionally in 1999 after taking part in ‘Girls Nite Out’, an all-girl event organised by Smooth Promotions, organisers of The Headies.

What I am doing presently

I worked on my latest video Love Without Language. It was quite interesting because we did our best to make it appealing to viewers. My other video titled, My Valentine is enjoying rave reviews while I’ve also released “Love Without Language” exclusively on Trace TV.

Songs that made me famous
A song that shot me to prominence was “Hold On”. It was in my first album “Simply Magnificent.” People still love that song till date. It was conceptualised by Gbenga Anozie. I love it. Since then, I’ve released other albums “Born 2 Sing’” and “Lovers’ Club’.”

Why my husband is my manager
I’m happy working with my hubby as my manager.

 Lessons I have learnt about marriage

I have learnt quite a lot of things from marriage which has taught me to move closer to God. I put Him first before anything or anyone. Through marriage, I have learnt the importance of patience, which is an ingredient necessary for one’s marriage to be successful.

Collaboration with my husband
He has featured me on his songs in his own album before. But he was featured in my new video “Love Without Language.” And that’s d very first time in my career he’s doing so.


In the next five years

Though man proposes, God disposes, I see myself in the path that God has prepared for me.

My challenge
The issue of capital has been my challenge because this business is capital-intensive, and has even grown recently, but it’s not really an impediment, it’s a challenge.

 My greatest disappointment
I can’t think of any, maybe because I like to remain positive

What drives me on
My belief in God, making my loved ones proud and my belief in the fact that greatness is made up of ordinary people who believe.

My greatest achievement so far
I also don’t like to think in that light. I’m grateful to God for every moment.

If my 20-year-old self could see me now, what she would think
Wow! Is this you?

 If I had to rate my satisfaction with life so far, out of 10

I don’t do that, one has to learn to be grateful for the gift of life while praying for a better tomorrow.

 My plans for the future
My future plan is to serve my God more, through serving humanity.

 My mentor
God Almighty, my mom and my hubby are my mentors.

 My growing up
Growing up was sweet. I had nothing to worry about when I was younger but now, there are so many things to worry about as a human being.

 Advice to young aspiring musicians

You must be creative to be successful in music. So Pray, work hard and believe in yourself. Challenges may come your way, don’t quit, keep moving till the sky becomes your stepping stone.

Advice to artistes

Artistes should make extra effort to enlighten themselves on their business; a business they hope will pay them millions of naira. I want them to invest in research.

I appreciate all the support from my family, friends and fans. They have continued to encourage me to move higher.


Kris Okotie, Sam Adeyemi, others guests on Season 1 of ‘Church Culture’, set to be launched on ChannelsTV

 By Ada Dike
A new television show focused on the mission of the Christian faith and the people, places and priorities that drive Christians in Nigeria and across Africa, ‘Church Culture’ is set to launch its first season on Saturday 8, July 2017 at 2:30pm on ChannelsTV.

Guests on the first season of the show include Sam Adeyemi, Kris Okotie, Ituah Ighodalo, Jumoke Adenowo, Tosin Martins, Obiwon Obiora, Toni Kan and Akah Nnani, amongst others.


The show is hosted by Funmbi Ogunbanwo and produced by Generation Y!, producers of Rubbin’ Minds, also on ChannelsTV and eXploring on ONTV. It is produced in conjunction with the church media company also called Church Culture.


The Senior Producer, ‘Church Culture’, ‘Seun Oluyemi, just as one of their cofounders had said, the church was the biggest, most well-resourced institution in Nigeria, outside of (or perhaps equal to, since it won’t be transparent about its numbers) business.

“With that much power, must come much responsibility. What this means is that, the church can and must pray for Nigeria, but the church must also work for Nigeria. Its revival of words must be matched with a revival of action,” he said.


“If faith is a key driver for our actions as a nation, then we must face that truth for what is and ask ourselves – now that we have this, what can we do with it? This show helps with that imperative, and our mission,” Oluyemi added.