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Clinton invites 8 year-old Nigerian chess champion, Adewunmi

By News desk

Former U.S President, Bill Clinton has congratulated the eight year-old Nigerian chess champion, Tanitoluwa Adewunmi and also invited him and his parents to his office for personal introduction.

The young Nigerian recently won the New York State Chess championship for his age bracket.

Adewunmi had won seven chess trophies including the state tournament, where he outwitted other children.

The story went viral and got the attention of Clinton, who was amazed by the accomplishment of the young Nigerian.

Tanitoluwa and his family are taking asylum in a homeless shelter in Manhattan after they fled the Boko Haram insurgency since 2018.

He went undefeated at the state tournament, outwitting children from elite private schools with private chess tutors.

Tanitoluwa rating is now 1587 and rising fast and he is being compared with the world’s best player, Magnus Carlsen, who stands at 2845.

His feat has attracted commendations from parents and celebrities.

In a tweet on his Twitter handle, the former number one citizen said: “Refugees enrich our nation and talent is universal, even if opportunity is not.”

The former U.S president now joins the queue of people celebrating the boy and his feats.

Clinton said “this story made me smile, Tanitoluwa “ you exemplify a winning spirit – in chess and in life. And kudos to your hardworking parents. You all should stop by my office in Harlem; I’d love to meet you.”

Tanitoluwa placed first in the New York State Scholastic Championships tournament for kindergarten through third grade, a remarkable win for anyone.

In an interview with newsmen the young chess champion said: “I want to be the youngest grandmaster.”

Cycling Federation of Nigeria gets Int’l boost

By Sports Desk,

No fewer than 25 coaches from across Nigeria are participating in the ongoing training of the International Cycling Union as part of efforts to reposition the game in Nigeria.

A statement issued by Dorcas Jonah, Media office of Cycling Federation of Nigeria (CFN) and made available to sports writers in Abuja states that the training which begins on Oct. 7, will end on Oct.13.

The statement also says that the training is sponsored by the President of CFN Giandomenico Massari.

The media officer says that the training will further equip coaches with modern techniques and rudiments in cycling.

According to Massari, the Resource Person of the training programme, Jean Pierre Vanzy is an internationally acclaimed coach who has a wide range of experience in the field of cycling.

He, therefore, called on the coaches to use their experience gained from the training to boost cycling in Nigeria.

NFL players continue protest during US anthem in pre-season games

By Sports Desk,

Several NFL players have protested during the US national anthem before pre-season games.

Philadelphia Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins and De’Vante Bausby raised a fist, as did San Francisco 49ers’ Marquise Goodwin and Miami Dolphins’ Robert Quinn, while his team-mates Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson kneeled.

The NFL says plans to fine players for anthem protests have been put on hold.

Ex-49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was the first to protest in 2016.

Players who refused to stand during the Star-Spangled Banner said the protests were against police brutality of African Americans and the demonstrations led to criticism from President Donald Trump.

The NFL says it’s anthem policy is on hold while it holds discussions with the NFL Players Association.

It reiterated that players who do not wish to stand during the anthem should stay in the changing room.

The governing body said: “The NFL has been engaged in constructive discussions with the NFL Players Association regarding the anthem and issues of equality and social justice that are of concern to many Americans.

“While those discussions continue, the NFL has agreed to delay implementing or enforcing any club work rules that could result in players being disciplined for their conduct during the performance of the anthem.”

Phelps loses world swimming record to 10-year-old boy

By Sports Desk,

A 10-year-old boy Clark Kent Apuada has surpassed a record set by Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps in 1995.

Apuada swam at the Far West International Swimming Championship in California, U.S., on Sunday where he swam the 100-meter butterfly to break the record.

He finished the event with a time of 1:09:38 — just barely faster than the time of 1:10:48 Phelps swam 23 years ago at the same meet, the Salinas Aquatic Center announced in a Facebook post.

“Most people just call me Clark, but now, when I beat Michael Phelps’ record, they start calling me Superman.

“I reminded myself before the swim meet that if I had positive thoughts, positive things will happen,” the boy told CBS News.

Phelps took to twitter to congratulate Apuada.

“Big congrats to #clarkkent for smashing that meet record!!! Keep it up dude!! #dreambig,” Phelps wrote.

Apuada also placed first in the six other events he participated in over the weekend, according to CBS News.

He has only been swimming competitively for four years but usually engage himself with martial arts and piano lessons when he is out of the pool.

Nigerian athletes win 105 medals in Africa Youth Games

By Sports Desk,

Team Nigeria to the third edition of the African Youth Games (AYG) which ended in Algiers, Algeria on Saturday finished with a total number of 105 medals won from 19 sports.

The team won 29 gold, 33 silver and 43 bronze medals, with weightlifting giving it the richest haul of a total of 18, comprising 12 gold, five silver and one bronze medals.

Wrestling gave Nigeria more in terms of quantity, even though it was in fourth place in terms of quality, winning 19 medals made up of three gold, 10 silver and six bronze.

Athletics was second behind weightlifting, and ahead of canoe/kayak in third place, having given Team Nigeria five gold, three silver and five bronze.

Nigeria won four gold, three silver and one bronze from canoe/kayak, while badminton gave it two gold, two silver and seven bronze, and boxing two gold, two silver and two bronze.

The team however failed to win any medal from hockey, beach volleyball, tennis and swimming at the Games which was held from July 18 to July 28.

Attached is the full table of medals won from each sport by Team Nigeria, as well as the athletes who won each medal:

SN     Sports         Sum of Gold         Sum of Silver        Sum of Bronze    Total Number of Medals

1    Athletics                 5                                 3                            5                            13

2    Badminton             2                                 2                            7                             11

3    Basketball               0                                 1                            1                              2

4    Boxing                      2                                 2                            2                              6

5    Canoe/Kayak           4                                 3                            1                              8

6     Cycling                     0                                 2                             0                              2

7     Football                    0                                 1                             0                             1

8    Gymnastics               0                                 0                             2                             2

9    Handball                    0                                 0                             1                             1

10     Judo                         0                                 2                              3                             5

11     Karate                      0                                 0                              2                             2

12     Kungfu                     0                                 1                               5                            6

13     Rowing                     0                                 0                               1                            1

14     Shooting                  0                                  0                               1                            1

15    Table Tennis            0                                  1                                1                           2

16     Taekwondo             0                                  0                                4                           4

17      Volleyball                 1                                0                                0                            1

18     Weightlifting          12                                5                                1                            18

19      Wrestling                3                                 10                              6                            19

              Grand Total        29                                33                              43                          105

Korean cultural center pushes for Taekwondo establishments across Nigerian schs.

By NewsDesk,

The Director, Korean Cultural Centre Nigeria (KCCN) Han Sungrae, has suggested that there would need for Universal Basic Education (UBE) to ensure establishment of taekwondo clubs across Nigerian schools.

Sungrae, who made the call in Abuja at the Taekwondo Graduation and Promotion of FCT schools recently, said that introduction of taekwondo clubs in schools would help to enshrine the culture of the sports among young Nigerians.

The director disclosed that KCCN with support from Korea’s Taekwondowon and Korea Sports Promotion Foundation in partnership with the FCT UBE board in 2014 introduced taekwondo in public schools in FCT.

According to him, the aim of the introduction was to assist in grooming future taekwondo champions from Nigeria.

“The centre dispatches future taekwondo instructors to the four approved schools to teach taekwondo to students periodically,’’ he said.

He said that Taekwondowon and Korea Sports Promotion Foundation provide taekwondo equipment and kits for use in the training of students.

“Korea’s proud cultural heritage resides in Taekwondowon, the driving force of spiritual and physical growth beyond Korea to the world and the hub from where the universalisation of the taekwondo spirit and values begin.

Congratulating the graduating students, the Chairman, UBE, FCT, Kalu Ifeanyi, said that the event showed that the bilateral relationship between the two countries was strong and that the students performance in taekwondo would help to improve their academic performance.

Ifeanyi said that the request by the KCCN director would be related to the chairman and necessary actions taken to ensure its implementation.

At the event, no fewer than 68 students graduated while eight of the graduating students received Awards of Excellency.

Two ways exercise one must avoid and capable of killing

By NewsDesk, with Agency report.

For years, we’ve been told that we need to move more and sit less. We were told exercise is good to maintain prime health. However, sometimes, pushing yourself too hard can cause more harm than good – resulting in much more than aching muscles.

There is need to share two ways exercise that can kill.


Also called rhabdo, this is one of the most dangerous conditions you can suffer from when exercising. According to Men’s Fitness, it most often affects weightlifters and marathon runners who push themselves past the point of exhaustion, while becoming dehydrated.

When you reach rhabdo, your damaged skeletal muscle tissue breaks down quickly. The breakdown products (mainly a protein called myoglobin) are released into your bloodstream and may cause severe harm to your kidneys, causing them to shut down.

The likelihood of rhabdo occurring increases when you perform repetitive movements. “It can happen with any intense exercise if it involves repetitive motion of a muscle and new movement,” said Maureen Brogan, an associate professor of medicine at New York Medical College in The American Journal of Medicine.

Runner and female winner of the 2017 Comrades Marathon Camille Herron suffered from rhadbo earlier this year. Fortunately it was contained in time.

Symptoms: Intense muscle pain, weakness, dark-coloured urine

How it can kill you: Your kidneys work hard at removing excess water and waste from your blood. If they fail, blood levels of urea can increase. Urea is toxic and can have a detrimental effect on all major organs.

Treatment: Prevention is better than cure so don’t push yourself too hard, especially when you’re first starting out. Initial treatment for rhabdo, according to an article in the Ochsner Journal, focuses on the management of the ABCs (airway, breathing, circulation) and preserving renal function through rehydration. Although renal failure can cause death, it can be treated – recovery often depends on the underlying cause and treatment.

2. Dehydration

Your body needs fluid to survive – and during exercise, you need to take in more, particularly if it’s hot and humid and you’re sweating profusely. Severe dehydration occurs when you lose 7% (or more) of your body’s fluid.

You lose about 1.2 to 1.5 litres of fluid every day through urination, while perspiration can cause you lose about 1 litre of fluid. This is why you need about 2.5 litres of fluid per day to avoid dehydration.

Scottish marathon runner Callum Hawkins collapsed just two kilometres from the end of the marathon at the 2018 Commonwealth Games in Australia.

Dr Brian McKay told news.com.au that dehydration and heat exhaustion would have made him ketotic (when the body is using fat instead of glucose for energy), which explains his delirious state of mind. “Normally sugar is going around your body providing the energy you need for your brain and your muscles, but if you’re getting to absolute exhaustion the sugar is gone and your ‘back-up system kicks in’.”

Callum Hawkins: collapsed of dehydration
How it can kill you: Once you start to lose 7% of your body weight, your body struggles to maintain blood pressure. As this happens, blood flow to non-vital organs, including your kidneys and gut, begins to slow. When your kidneys stop filtering blood, cellular waste builds up. If you don’t rehydrate, you will die from kidney failure.

Treatment: Avoid dehydration with fluids or foods like watermelon, cucumber, oranges or pineapples.

You can rehydrate with a solution make up of half a teaspoon of salt and eight teaspoons of sugar in a litre of water. You can also use rehydration salts. If a person is unconscious or unable to drink, fluids can be given intravenously.

Worried you’re over exercising?

Exercise is important for our health but like everything in life, even exercise needs to be done in moderation. If you are following a rigorous training programme, keep an eye out for any of these symptoms that might indicate you are overtraining and need a few days’ rest.

Poor sleep even though you are tired
Sore muscles
Your workout performance is suffering
You’re unable to complete workouts
Loss of appetite
Loss of libido
Poor co-ordination
Swollen lymph glands
Abnormal heart rate

Higgins reaches seventh Snooker World Championship final

Snooker champion, John Higgins sets sight on a seventh World Championship final he defeats Kyren Wilson 17-13 at the Crucible in Sheffield.

Four-time winner Higgins made the final last year but was defeated by world number one Mark Selby, who successfully defended his crown despite trailing the Scot 10-4 at one stage.

Higgins will face either two-time champion Mark Williams or former finalist Barry Hawkins in the showpiece event, with Williams trailing Hawkins 13-11 after three sessions; the two resume play overnight.

The 42-year-old Higgins, will be the second oldest finalist in history on Sunday, was at his match-play best to see off Kettering’s Wilson, who reminded the delighted winner of last year’s champion Selby.

“He just couldn’t get level with me but, as I said to him after, he reminds me so much of Selby when I played him in 2007,” said Higgins, who beat Selby 18-13 in that final.

“They’re different players but they’ve got a certain aura about them where when he comes to the table, you think he’s going to pot everything and he very nearly does. I’m sure he’ll do big, big things here in the future.”

Wilson, who was making his first appearance at the one-table set-up stage, was on the back-foot throughout the encounter, having fallen 3-0 down in the first session.

The 26-year-old Masters finalist felt that an under-par start cost him dearly.

Higgins said, “The very first session has cost me,”. “I hold my hands up, walking out into the arena with the one table for the first time was so unique compared to the two tables.

“My game is there, I just struggled to settle in the first session. It was very different and open, walking from chair to shot was different and there was a massive buzz in the crowd, all eyes were on you. It has put me in good stead for the future.”

Cameroonian athletes missing at Commonwealth Games

By Sports Desk

At least, Eight Cameroonian athletes have been reported to have been missing from their accommodation at the ongoing Commonwealth Games in Austria.

However, officials at the games claims the vanishing act  is viewed as “desertion” and that the missing athletes had been reported to Australian police.

Monday and Tuesday were the last time three weightlifters and five boxers from Cameroon were seen.

According to Cameroon officials, the group had valid Australian visas until 15 May.

Officials named the missing athletes as weightlifters Olivier Matam Matam, Arcangeline Fouodji Sonkbou and Petit Minkoumba, and boxers Christian Ndzie Tsoye, Simplice Fotsala, Arsene Fokou, Ulrich Yombo and Christelle Ndiang.

“The authorities are very disappointed with the deserters – some did not even compete,” Press attache.

“The pious hope is that they come back to the village and travel home with the others.”

The Australian government has warned athletes against overstaying their visas.

The Commonwealth Games Federation said it would monitor the situation but athletes had “the right to travel freely” on their visas.

The Australian Federal Police has been notified of the development, according to Kate Jones, a Queensland state government minister.

In 2012, seven Cameroonian athletes disappeared while in London for the Olympics.

Nigeria, Ghana to play U-17 West African 5s Hockey tournament

By SportDesk,

Nigeria’s U-17 hockey male team would be playing its Ghanaian counterparts in the finals of the ongoing U-17 West African 5s Hockey tournament.

The five-aside hockey tournament is holding in Accra, the Ghana capital.

The Nigerian side beat Burkina Faso 17-0 and defeated Togo 9-1 to qualify for the finals, while Ghana eliminated Togo 11-0 to get to the finals.

Fatai Atanda, Technical member of Nigeria Hockey Federation hailed the boys for getting to the finals and expressed optimism that they would lift the trophy.

He said in an interview with NAN that the performance of the team was an indication that Nigeria will do well in the African Youths Games coming up in July in Algeria.

Atanda charged the boys to continue with their performance, stressing that their efforts point the road to a stronger national team of the future.

The starlets would likely represent Nigeria in Algiers for African Youths Games from July 18-28.