UN condemns UNIMAID suicide attack

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follow site The Secretary-General, United Nation (UN), António Guterres, has condemned suicide bomb attack at University of Maiduguri (UNIMAID), urging the Federal Government prevent such future dastardly act.

go to link Guterres, however, reiterated the UN’s support to Nigeria in the ongoing fight against terrorism and violent extremism.

http://www.ilplanetario.net/?personal-statement-website The Secretary-General, in a statement by his spokesman, Stéphane Dujarric, condemned the series of suicide bombing attacks in Borno State.

http://impulsegcc.com/?p=outline-term-paper The statement added that the Secretary-General extended his condolences to the people and Government of Nigeria for the loss of lives and property.

follow url Guterres also wished a quick recovery to those injured in the series of suicide bombing attacks and called on the government to make sure that the perpetrators of the dastardly act would be speedily brought to justice.

domyhomework It would be recalled that five Boko Haram members had in a multiple explosions that shook Maiduguri, the Borno State Capital killed 16 persons while 13 others were confirmed injured by the police on Monday.

http://fullyfurnishednyc.com/buy-essay-papers-cheap/ The Borno State Commissioner of Police, Damien Chukwu, confirmed this to newsmen at a press briefing and said that the five members of the gang, two female and three male suicide bombers gained entry into the premises of the University of Maiduguri, and detonated a bomb (PBIED), strapped to his body, near the Rapid Response Services Office building.

http://adieutabac.fr/autobiography-essay-help/ According to him, the suicide bombers died while three of the university’s security personnel on duty sustained severe injury.

Facebook users hits 2bn

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source site Users of popular social network, Facebook, has increased to two billion worldwide, barely 13 years after the platform was established in United State (US).

enter The Founder and Chief Executive of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, who announced the milestone on his Facebook page, said that his aim was to ensure that people have access to connect with one another without encountering stress.

http://clinicatotalcardio.com.br/?p=help-on-dissertation-of-change According to Zuckerberg, as of this morning, the Facebook community is now officially 2 billion people!. We’re making progress connecting the world, and now let’s bring the world closer together. It’s an honor to be on this journey with you.”

http://www.millionaireagentmakersummit.com/shoeless-joe-jackson-essay-help/ Homework Help Doubling Tripling It would be recalled that Facebook was founded in 2004 and reached the 1 billion-user milestone in October 2012.

Japan parliament ratifies anti-terror bill

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The Japanese Government has enacted a controversial anti-terror law that has led to street protests and warnings from critics that it would infringed on citizens’ privacy rights.

The upper house of the Japanese parliament passed the anti-terror bill on Thursday after political wrangling through the night, overcoming weak opposition’s no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s cabinet and a censure motion aimed at Justice Minister, Katsutoshi Kaneda.

The new law allows investigators to charge an individual or organization that conspires to engage in terrorism or other serious crimes.

The latest bill reduced the number of targeted crimes to some 270 offenses and narrowed the definition of terrorist and criminal organisations.

Earlier versions of the law targeted more than 600 crimes unrelated to terrorism or crime syndicates.

The bill was revised several times over the years as earlier versions met with fierce resistance and never made it through the parliament.

The government argued that the legislation is necessary to prevent terrorism ahead of the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Officials also said it is a prerequisite for implementing a United Nation treaty against transnational organised crime that Japan signed in 2000.

But rights groups, Japan’s national bar association, and numerous academics have opposed the bill, saying it is so broad it could be abused to allow wiretapping of innocent citizens and threaten privacy and freedom of expression guarantees in the constitution.

Japan’s bar association argued, however, that the current law still gives police and investigators too much leeway in deciding what constitutes a criminal organisation.

The association warned that the general public could be targeted on conspiracy charges via monitoring phone and online conversations.

Recently, a protest was organised to persuade the government stop the bill passage.

U.S, Qatar sign $12bn fighter jet deal 

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The United States and Qatar have signed a $12-billion deal to sell F-15 fighter jets amid a dispute engulfing persian gulf region, which saw President Donald Trump aligning with a Saudi-led bloc of nations facing off against the country.

According to media report, the deal was signed by Qatari Defense Minister, Khalid al-Attiyah and his US counterpart, James Mattis, in Washington, capital of U.S.

However, Qatar’s Ministry of Defense hinted yesterday that the country had signed a deal to buy F-15 fighter jets from U.S for $12 billion.

The U.S also announced in a statement that the sale would give Qatar a state of the art capability and increase security cooperation and  between both countries.

It added that Attiyah and Mattis also discussed the current level of operations against the Daesh terrorist group as well as the importance of reducing tensions in the Persian Gulf region.

Attiyah, in turn, said the agreement underscores the commitment in advancing our military cooperation for closer strategic collaboration in our fight to counter violent extremism.

The announcement came days after the US president accused Qatar of being a high-level sponsor of terrorism.

In early June, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) abruptly cut relations with Qatar sand suspended all land, air and sea traffic with the monarchy, accusing it of supporting terrorism and destabilizing the region.

London apartment fire death toll hits 12

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It was wailing and weeping in London on Wednesday after Metropolitan Police confirmed 12 persons dead and scores injured in the inferno that engulfed a 27-storey tower block.

Also, the National Health Service (NHS) said that a total of 79 persons are currently being treated in hospital, with 18 of those critically injured.

The number of causalities in the inferno that engulfed the building,Grenfell Tower, at the early hours of Wednesday is expected to increase following complain of missing persons.

The Guild gathered that hundreds of people were trapped in the Tower after an inferno that started on the third or fourth floor destroyed property worth millions of pounds.

Sources said that occupants of the building reportedly leap from the tower to escape from been trapped in the inferno while those who could not leave the building immediately either made ropes from sheets or use lights on their phones to signal for help through the windows.

As firefighters continued to battle the blaze on Wednesday evening, witnesses said a baby was caught by members of the public after being dropped from a window on the ninth or 10th floor.

Confirming the number of causalities, Metropolitan Police Commander, Stuart Cundy, lamented that the number of has increased to 12, with fears it would increase further.

Fire Commissioner, Dany Cotton, disclosed that about 250 firefighters using 40 engines had tackled the flames.


Iran forwards Qatar fruits, vegetables ship laden

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The Iranian Government has approved its level of relationship with its key allay, Qatar, following ship laden with 180 tonnes of fruits and vegetables its forwarded to the country which is in dare need sustenance after Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt among others cut off ties with the country a week ago.

Iran’s media said the shipment was authorised on Tuesday from the country’s southern port of Bandar Lengeh in Hormozgan Province.

Officials had already said that the consignments would take a maximum 12 hours to arrive  in Qatar from Iran’s southern ports.

The Navigation Director, Bandar Lengeh port,  Mahmoud Saberi, told journalists that the cargo was sent in ten 40-feet refrigerated containers and  fully prepared to send all the products that Qatar requires by ships.

Also, Director, Hormozgan Department of Industries, Mine and Trade, Khalil Qassemi, said  that increasing food exports to Qatar was top on agenda of trade activities of the province.

Qassemi emphasized that Iran views Qatar as a profitable market for its food products.

Earlier, Iran Air said it was sending a daily 100 tonnes of food supplies to Qatar and officials told domestic media that the shipments were being made from Tehran and Shiraz.

Other reports said Iran was also looking into exporting dairy products to Qatar and certain negotiations to the same effect were underway.

Officials have been quoted by media as saying that Iran could ship at least 45 tonnes of dairy products to Qatar.

196 Democratic lawmakers sue Trump over foreign funds

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The United States (US) President, Donald Trump, may have to start answering series quarries on how he accepted alleged funds from more than 20 foreign governments since January, after no fewer than 196 Democratic lawmakers filed suit challenging the claimed action of the president.

However, at least,  30 senators and 166 representatives filed the complaint on Wednesday, saying Trump accepted the funds through his businesses without congressional consent, which they claimed was a violation of the US Constitution.

According to the clause, a president cannot accept benefits of any kind whatever from any King, Prince, or foreign State, unless he has the consent of the congress.

One of the lawmakers,  Sen. Richard Blumenthal, told reporters on a conference call that Trump has repeatedly and flagrantly violated the Constitution’s Emoluments Clause.

“The president’s failure to tell us about these emoluments, to disclose the payments and benefits that he is receiving, mean that we cannot do our job. We cannot consent to what we don’t know,” said Sen. Blumentha.

The House Judiciary Committee’s top-ranking Democrat, Michigan Representative, John Conyers, said that the lawsuit would have the largest number of congressional plaintiffs of any lawsuit lodged against the president so far in US history.

“We do this not out of any sense of pleasure or partisanship, but because President Trump has left us with no other option,” he said.

Although, the Office of the president has not yet responded to requests for comment as at the time of filling in the report.

Meanwhile, the Trump organisation at time maintained that profits from customers representing foreign governments would  be donated to the US Treasury Department, but that it would not require such customers to identify themselves.

In recent months, similar lawsuits have been filed by parties including a nonprofit ethics group, a restaurant trade group, and the attorneys general of Maryland and the District of Columbia, against Trump.

They argued that Trump’s acceptance of payments from foreign governments through his hospitality empire is an unfair disadvantage for other hotel and restaurant owners and it provides governments an incentive to give preferential treatment to Trump-owned businesses.

Lebanese political parties agree on new electoral law

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The Lebanese Foreign Minister, Gebran Basil, has disclosed that the country’s political parties have agreed to general principles of a new electoral law to pave way for fresh parliamentary elections.

Elaborating on agreed changes to Lebanon’s previous law on votes on Tuesday, Bassil said the code had become more proportional, especially for representation of Lebanon’s Christian community in parliament while it would allow Lebanese expatriates to vote in parliamentary elections.

He also added that political parties also agreed to technically extend lawmakers’ mandate for one year, stressing that, election officials could also introduce magnetic voting cards that would allow voters living outside electoral constituencies to vote at their constituency of residence, whether in Lebanon or abroad.

Bassil hailed the changes as positive although he reiterated that the new law, which must still be passed by the cabinet and then sent to parliament, would not affect the architecture of representation on Lebanon’s political system.

“Today we have reached a political agreement between the political sides. The big achievement for all the Lebanese was through the increase of six seats for the Lebanese in diaspora . There are 15 constituencies that have improved the representation of Christians,” the foreign minister after rival parties finalized their deliberation on the law.

It was reported that the agreement came after representatives of main political parties, including the Free Patriotic Movement, Amal Movement, Hezbollah, Progressive Socialist Party, and Lebanese Forces held a meeting.

The agreement came after President Michel Aoun, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri and Prime Minister Saad Hariri agreed on the basic outlines of the law last week.

Aoun said after the Tuesday agreement between the political parties that the new law would create a parliament that would honestly represent the choices of the Lebanese people.

“The new electoral law is a key milestone in the national and political life in Lebanon,” Aoun said.

Yemeni troops kill four Saudi Soldiers in retaliatory attack

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In retaliatory raids against Saudi Arabia government’s aerial bombardment campaign, Yemeni soldiers, in collaboration with allied fighters, killed four Saudi soldiers at a border crossing into the Kingdom’s southwestern border region of Asir.

An unnamed military source, speaking on condition of anonymity,  told newsmen that Yemeni forces and their allies fatally shot the Saudi troops at al-Alab border crossing on Tuesday.

Yemeni soldiers and Popular Committees fighters also lobbed several artillery rounds at al-Makhrouq military bases in Najran region, located 844 kilometers south of the Saudi capital, Riyadh, though no reports of casualties were immediately reported.

It was reported that Yemeni forces targeted Saudi army compounds at north of al-Shabaka military base  within al-Sharafa region of Najran, causing casualties.

Meanwhile in April 2016, no fewer than 400 Saudi soldiers were killed in the cross-border fire since the start of the Saudi aggression against Yemen more than two years ago.

Also, the Saudi media  in April 2017 reported  that about 120 troops from the country were killed by dozens of sniper operations carried out by Yemeni  soldiers, backed by fighters from allied Popular Committees.

It added that most of the operations  were conducted in Jizan, where a total of 74 Saudi soldiers lost their lives in 22 encounters.

In early May, a local media reported that Yemeni sharpshooters killed 64 Saudi troops in April alone.

The Saudi regime regime has maintained a policy of ambiguity regarding its casualties in the war on Yemen. Senior military officials have said that they would not release such information until after the war.

Saudi Arabia has been incessantly pounding Yemen since March 2015 in an attempt to bring back Hadi, a staunch ally of the country, to power and to undermine the Houthi Ansarullah movement.

The Saudi regime has, however, failed to reach its goals despite suffering great expense.

The military aggression has claimed  lives of more than 12,000 people, most of them civilians.

 Qatar isolation violates Islamic values-Turkish President

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The Turkish President, Tayyip Erdogan, has denounced isolation of Qatar by neighboring states as a violation of Islamic values, describing the action as been too extreme on the country.

However, leading to the Turkish leader’s utterance was Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Egypt recent cutting of ties with Qatar and imposing stringent economic sanctions on the country for throwing alleged support behind Islamic State and Iran.

Erdogan told a member of his party in Ankara, Turkey’s capital on Tuesday that severance of ties with the country was a mistake and unacceptable.

To him,  Qatar has showed most decisive stance against terrorist organisation alongside Turkey, adding that, victimizing the country through smear campaigns, serves no purpose.

“A very grave mistake is being made in Qatar, isolating a nation in all areas is inhumane and against Islamic values. It’s as if a death penalty decision has been taken for Qatar,” he said.

Meanwhile, it was reported that, the measures against Qatar  have disrupted imports of food and other materials and caused some foreign banks to scale back business.

Qatar, which imports 80 per cent of its food from other Gulf Arab neighbors before diplomatic shutdown, has also been talking to Iran and Turkey to secure food and water.

Aside Turkey good relations with Qatar as well as several of its Gulf Arab neighbors, two countries have both provided support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and backed rebels fighting to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.