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19-year-old Nigerian shines at New York Fashion week

By Entertainment Desk,

Taofeek Abijako, a 19-year-old Nigerian designer, has become the youngest ever designer to present a full collection at the New York Fashion Week.

Abijako made history at the 2018 international fashion runway event tagged ‘New York Fashion Week: Men’s this year’, which ran a few days ago.

According to the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), his label “pays homage to his past by celebrating his West African culture through a contemporary perspective.

He described his collection ‘Genesis’ as a ‘minimalist street wear approach with social and political commentary.’

In Abijako’s words, the CFDA wrote, “My dad was a trained fashion designer while living in Nigeria and dealt mostly with local traditional garments.

“Growing up in an environment like that sparked my curiosity in design,” he said.

When asked about his inspiration for his collection, he stated that it will portray “the vibrancy of West African youth culture in the ‘70s and Fela Kuti.

“The new collection is guaranteed to be groundbreaking in design and social impact,” he said.

Abijako who started working from his bedroom, started the brand just two years ago with the intent to generate impactful statements through his work.

His previous collections entitled, “Cruel Hands” and “Hooligans,” consisted of apparel with these thought-provoking statements: “Disorder: In Mutiny We Trust” and “Palaver Child.”

Does your sunglasses, tell how stylish you are?

By Abimbola Adebayo

Sunglasses are actually meant to shade the eyes from sunlight. They are meant to protect the eyes from the ultraviolet light of the sun from damaging or discomforting the eyes. But along the line, sunshade or sunglasses has it is called are serving more purpose.

They are now worn to make fashion statement and also as a complimentary item for outfits.

Sunglasses can even tell how stylish the wearer is. It also tells the personal taste of the wearer.

Though, there are expensive sunglasse, there are also cheaper glasses with superb designs to pick from.

You can also make your own personal statement from, aviator, browline, cat eye, retro square, round and sport.

Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim and boyfriend Iceberg Slim are Oros perfumes brand influencers

Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim and her Nigerian rapper boyfriend, Iceberg Slim, who have been in a romantic relationship for a while now were announced by international perfume brand, Oros, as their ambassador for its seasonal campaign.

The perfume brand giving reason for selecting the couple to represent its brand said, the couple are the perfect pair to exude their vision in Africa.

For its seasonal campaign, Juliet is representing Oros for women which comes in five scent, which are, provocative, elegant, emotion, a scent full of passion and free spirited.

While Iceberg Slim is representing Oros for men which as two scent and are all-pervasive scent and fascinating feel.


Kitten heel shoes… The new found love for women

By Abimbola Adebayo

Kitten heels shoes are currently women’s new found love this 2017 and they would definitely still be around come 2018.

The shoes which come with one to three inches soles are loved by women mostly because of their comfort as well as for their beauty.

They have now taken over from high heel shoes such as platform and stilletos which were in vogue for many years but are not comfortable to walk on.

Though, the idea is to give comfortability to people who work in the office environment but surprising it is now worn to parties. They are also been worn to compliment native attires.

The round circle called bangle

By Abimbola Adebayo
Bangles has been around ever since men could remember. Though, they are now used as fashion ornament by ladies around the world to adorn their wrist.

Bangles are considered sacred because of their round circle which denote the all encompassing power of nature. They are mark of grace for women.

Bangles in ancient times were worn more for important reasons such as marriage, health, and discipline. Women in Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Nepal wears bangles for marriages, fertility and festivals.

In India, young married women are given glass bangle. These fragile bangles are given to them to keep them in track and ensure that they know that their marriage is fragile. Hence they work hard to make their marriage work.

Bangles are also worn by pregnant women for safety reasons from 7 months. it helps their families keep track of their movement around the house. And if there was an incident, the jingling sound of the bangles would alert them.

There are worn around babies wrist in india to keep the wrist in shape and also to help mothers watch their babies grow.

They are also worn by pregnant women in India because they believe it helps baby’s sensory development in the womb.

Copper wire bangles are believed to help regulates the flow of blood and keep you balance.
Though, those are the significant reasons bangles are worn but because of the beautiful and eye-catchimg designs bangles have become a universal ornaments for women all over the world. They are complimentary accessories for outfit.

In Nigeria, women wears bangles more for fashion reason than for the believes behind it.
Nigerian women used bangles to compliment their outfits especially for social function.

Bangles comes in different designs such as gold, silver, flower patterns, rhinestones, glass, cloth cover bangles among others.

Dangling earrings take over party scene

By Abimbola Adebayo

Dangling earrings are the latest trending accessories for women at parties these days. As most women don’t wear necklaces with their outfit anymore.

Woman now prefer to accessories their outfit with  long dangling earrings than wearing a complete set of jewelry which include earrings and necklaces to parties.

These earrings which always come in different sizes, shape, colours and design are always a beauty to behold.

And always set each woman apart in a unique way with the ways they dangle on the ears.

There are varieties of these earrings to chose from. There are the stone studded ones and the plain ones which are just made in silver or gold or a mixture of both. The choice on which of the earrings to rock to a party is for the woman to make.

The woman’s handbag

By Abimbola Adebayo

Bags are known to be a woman companion. An important accessory for women which is more than just a fashion item.  A woman, whether young or old would hardly leave the house without her handbag.

Her bag is like her best friend. Her bag is where she keeps all her necessities. It also where she keeps secret things away from prying eyes.

How big a woman’s bag is determines what she has inside. Some women are just hoarder who wants to have everything in one place and some would rather go with less. All in all a woman’s handbag is where she keeps her make-up bag.

Her bag is where she has her extra pair of shoes especially after walking all day on high heels. It’s where she has her phone, wallet, gadgets, lipstick, brush among other things.

Sometimes a woman’s bag is where she keep her food flask.

You can’t just know what you would find in a woman’s bag.

The colour and the size of a woman bag depends on her personal style.

Ankara bags and purses still in vogue

By Abimbola Adebayo

Ankara bags and purses have remain relevant ever since it hit the fashion scene few years ago.

Today, they are the trendiest fashion accessories for fashionista. They have been carried on red carpets by celebrities and non-celebrities alike.

As the demands for more Ankara bags and purses keep rising, Ankara bags and purses designers have improved on their skills to meet the demand of their clients, with statement making designs.

Different shapes of Ankara bags like tote, box, clutch, and purses are now mixed with leathers and other accessories like stones, buttons and pearls.

With a good colour combination, Ankara bags and purses can be carried to at any social event.






Abeti aja cap….latest trend for men

By Abimbola Adebayo

Abeti aja, the Yoruba traditional cap with triangle flaps at the bottom on both side, named after dog ears is the trendiest fashion item for men now.

Nigerian actor, Desmond Elliot, wearing Abeti Aja cap


The cap have now become the favorite cap for men at social events especially by grooms. One major thing of note is that it’s no longer worn by the Yoruba alone now but by all tribes.

The cap are handmade with hard traditional woven cloth called Aso-oke or ofi which are woven on a loom.

The abeti aja cap can be worn with all types of traditional attire dansiki, buba and sokoto but it is best worn with agbada and also styled in whatever way the wearer wants. Though, it can come in plain colour. A real Yoruba abeti-aja cap is made of two distinctive colours. A dark colour which is the major background and a lighter colour which comes in straps.

Small bags takes over the fashion scene

By Abimbola Adebayo

Small bags are back on the fashion scene.

They have taken over from big bags which for many years were a trend on the fashion scene. Now women who in the past profess their love for big bags are now carrying the small bags.

Fashionable and trend followers have been rocking the bags ever since it hits the fashion scene in early 2017 and it doesn’t seem to be going away soon.

And for those who have always love small bags just have enough designs to choose from.

Designers like Fendi , Louis Vuitton,  Victoria Beckham, Zara, Alexander Wang, Michael Kors,  have flooded the market with different designs of the small bags in different sizes, shape and colours.

The different trending small bags

Micro bags

These are very small bags. They come in different shapes. Which might be in the shape of a circle, triangle, boat and others unusual shapes. They are for thse who only want to carry only their lip-gloss, lipsticks, phone and small cash about.

Multiple bags

The multiple bags are small bags that have other smaller bags attached to it. The extra small bags are more of a fashion statement than to keep things.

Statement straps

The statement strap bags are bags which straps are made to be the focal point. The straps are different from the regular straps. They are attention catching bags.