Micheal kors to buy Britain shoemaker, Jimmy Choo

By FashionDesk

A U.S. retailer, Michael Kors, has agreed to have a luxury shoemaker, Jimmy Choo, for $1.2 billion, snapping up a British brand launched in east end of London and made famous by celebrity fans including Princess Diana.

Founded in the 1990s by bespoke shoemaker, Jimmy Choo, the brand is known for its stiletto heals and accessories and sells in cities from London to Paris, New York and Tokyo.

It put itself up for sale in April after its majority owner JAB signaled its intention to focus on consumer goods.

At 230 pence in cash per share, the group is receiving a premium of 36.5 percent to its share price before the sale process was announced.

However,  Kors, once the hottest name in affordable luxury with a hugely popular handbag range, has been struggling in recent quarters with declining same-store sales as fewer people visit its shops.

In response, Choo said that it has expanded into dresses and menswear, and invested in its online business and that would continue to operate as it does on daily baisi, under its existing management team.

The  Honorary Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, Kors  stated that the British shoemaker  was an iconic premier luxury brand that offers distinctive footwear, handbags and other accessories.

According to, the company admires glamorous style and trend-setting nature of Jimmy Choo designs. and products are displayed in the window of the Jimmy Choo store in New York City, U.S., in April.

Jimmy Choo floated on the London Stock Exchange at 140 pence in 2014. It closed on Monday at 195 pence.

Designing beads requires creativity

While doing other businesses some years ago, the managing director of Eva Creations, Chisom Ohakwe, was restless till she discovered her passion, which is designing beads.

After she mastered the craft, having gone through an intensive training, she delegated some of her workers to handle her other businesses including selling of babies’ things and devotes her time in making wire work and fishing beads. She revealed that her works are of high quality which determines its price.

In this interview with ADA DIKE, she divulged how she became one of the top creative beads designers in Nigeria.


http://geochimie.fr/?p=writing-a-summary-paper You have exotic beads on display in your showroom, what informed your decision to become a bead maker?

I love working with my fingers. For a long time, I was nursing it on my mind to be designing beads. Though, I have another business I am doing, the urge to learn beads making couldn’t allow me to rest till I went for training.

Apart from being the General Manager of Don King Unique Productions, I also sell babies’ stuffs. So I delegated my workers in my businesses and registered for beads making. When they asked me the kind of beads I wanted to learn, I told them everything about beads, they laughed and explained to me the steps and types of beads, so I settled for wire work and fishing beads. I also make bead-bags and bead-shoes.

go to site Between fishing line and wire works, which one do your customers prefer?

They prefer wire work.


next Are you saying they don’t complain about the price of wire work?

No, they don’t because a good market sells itself. The quality and the design I make with it are durable, so my customers prefer it.


get Many people believe that good quality jewellery lasts long, how long will the kinds of beads you design last?

The durability of my beads depends on how a customer uses it. I use quality materials to design the beads I sell, and my customers like it. There are different types and grades of raw materials for making beads, depending on the grade you want, but I always buy expensive raw material so that it will last long for many years. If you wear N100, 000.00 worth of gold jewellery to an event, people won’t know the value but N10, 000.00 beads will fit you more and make you to stand out of the crowd at all occasions.


http://www.giezentweewielers.nl/?custom-dorm-essay How expensive are your beads?

The market is quite competitive, so despite the fact that I use good quality and durable materials to design beads, I sell them at moderate prices.  Also, prices of my beads depend on the style. The simple ones cost less while the expensive ones cost higher.


dissertation ppt finance Considering the time and money you invested in buying raw materials, is bead making a lucrative venture?

Somehow, but the truth is that I love making it. Fishing line pays, but it takes more time. I am not really bothered about the profits. It is my passion and hobby.

Sometimes, I will be sleeping and a design will flash in my subconscious and I will jump out of my bed, draw and design it afterwards. Initially, my husband was angry with me each time I jump out from my bed to draw but he is now used to it. I do my work even while cooking food or feeding my baby. I am glad that my work is selling itself and expanding through my customers who bring their friends and relations because of the quality of my work. One woman saw me at an event recently and complimented my beads; she was shocked when I told her that I made it myself. She took my address and phone number. She later brought money and I made it for her. Since then, she has brought a lot of customers to me.

http://twinblaze.net/?p=paper-to-use-with-typewriter What are the challenges you face in the course of designing beads?

For one to succeed in this business, you must invest heavily in buying raw materials and ensure you beautifully make the beads. Initially, it was difficult for me to penetrate into the market and convince customers to patronise me, I am happy where I am today. My challenge now is getting right spots to establish branches and setting up an institute for beads-making.


how did first world war help russian working class Has there been a time you regretted doing this business?

I feel happy doing beads.


http://rlcconstruct.com/?p=custom-admission-essay-juilliard Does it run in your family?

I don’t think so, but I was good in arts courses in secondary school, though I studied Public Administration in Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Anambra State, and graduated in 2004.

Due to the love I have for arts, sometimes, I will bring clothes cut, join and design it. My husband saw it and suggested I should learn fashion design, but I chose to make beads because I am very creative.

I am from Imo State. I am married and blessed with three children –two boys and a girl.

I am into beads making due to the passion I have for it. The kinds of beads I make include wire work and fishing line. Fishing line is the regular beads, just like the kind of beads our mothers wore during their time. The beads are stringed with much design. In wire work, you can always create something of your own and bring a beautiful design that is not seen elsewhere.

Instead of buying jewellery that may soon fade, my customers prefer beads because my designs are unique and more beautiful than gold or silver jewellery.


In terms of fashion, which accessory do you cherish more?

I love beads and costumes. My friends in school know that. There was a time one of them advised me to go into beads-making when she saw all the beads I had.


What is your favourite colour?

My favourite colour is purple. Sometimes I ask myself whether I really love purple, but I would end up wearing it. When I go shopping, I may have other colours in mind but change my mind immediately I see purple


Are you a fashion freak?

To me, fashion is in-born. It has been in me right from my childhood days. When I was in the university, a lot of people knew me due to my style of dressing and appearance. Looking good is a good business. I like fashion. I once visited my uncle before I got married. Each time he sees me he would say I am too flashy, always looking good at home. He wondered whether I would know how to cook since all I am interested in is fashion. He then teased me and asked me whether I tasted the food while cooking it and I would answer in affirmation.

He asked me how I tasted it with the lipstick on my lips.  I laughed because I knew that cooking well has nothing to do with how fashionable one is. I had to convince him that I knew what I was doing even if I applied the whole lipstick in the market on my lips.

What kind of meal do you like most?

I like jollof rice.


How do you rest when you are not working?

I don’t rest at all because I am a workaholic. My dream is to market my beads all over the world so I will rest when I achieve my aim.

Bags, ladies’ indispensable companion

By Ada Dike

It is rare to see a lady outside her home without a bag. This is because a lady’s bag complements her dressing.

A lady’s bag portrays her dress sense and tells who she is.

Ladies’ bags

Many ladies revealed that they put mirror, cell-phone, cosmetics, money, diary, keys, comb or brush, tissue paper, powder, complementary cards, identification card and vehicle particulars, among others in their bags.

Too many items in the bag make it heavy, sag and wear it easily.

These days, ladies carry bags of many colours but the popular colours include black, brown, blue, pink, gold and so on, but the commonest of them is black because it is a universal colour. Some bags have fusion of attractive colours and unique designs which make them popular in the markets across the globe.

Mesmerizing beads, shells, sequins and coins further enhance their elegance to a large extent. Various forms of bags ladies like to carry comprise: party bags, ladies beaded bags, ladies fashion bags and ladies designer bags.

Recently, a luxury Hermes handbag produced in 2014 and has 18 karat gold buckles and strap loops encrusted with 205 diamonds was auctioned at $380,000 in Hong Kong. This shows that handbags have gone beyond mere tools for carrying valuables to being used as a store of value.


Harmattan beauty goals: No bad hair day for Nigerian naturals.

By Barakah Bashir Sulaiman 

Across globe, it appeared that seasons were named according to events, including Nigeria, where harmattan replaced winter, a particular part of a year when dusty, extreme cold, fog, among others pay communities august visit, and this usually occur within last quarter of a year and end before early part of a new year.

The dry dusty and windy period is a holiday period for a lot of people in the country, most will rather prefer wrapped in blankets than play out or hangout with family and friends.

During the period, people from various part of Nigeria, especially northern region, worry about dried skin which is usually accompanied with cracked lips, feet and soul and the irritations of the body extremities such as the hands and feet due to the extreme cold. Meanwhile, the season usually affect ladies more than men; and most of worry about their hairs, it is said to be even worse for ladies who keep naturals.


As healthy as keeping natural hair sounds, during harmattan, it is a different approach as extra effort were advise avoid hair damage. there are plenty of things ladies can   do to keep it looking tip top.


Protective styling: People often wonder why ends break off easily, this is because they are the oldest and weakest part of the hair, so during the harmattan season, they are most likely to break off if they aren’t protected all the time, most ladies tend to braid their hair, to avoid the ends breaking off, but the mistake that is often made with braiding is leaving it on for a long period of time which eventually leads to the breaking of the edges, Asides braiding, the best way to avoid split ends is to make buns hairstyle.


Moisturize: You hair needs to be moisturized according to it needs, it is important to moisturize every day in this season because if the hair is left dry, it will break off easily.olive, castor, and avocado oils are perfect for naturals.


Deep condition: weekly deep conditioning sessions are important, this helps you keep up with the loss of moisture and nutrient of your hair during harmattan


Clarify: when you moisturize daily, build up increases, it is important for you to clarify after at least a week of moisturizing. This improves the health of your hair.


Reduce the heat: stay away from straighteners, curling wands and blow-dryers on high heat. Excess heat also removes the moisture from your hair, which leads to dry hair, hence, breakage and splitting.


Diet to avoid hair loss: Hair is made up of 90% protein. A diet low in protein can lead to hair loss. However, by adding excess protein in your diet, your hair fall will not stop. A wholesome balanced diet rich in Vitamin A, C, and B can aid in preventing hair loss


Use turbans/head wraps: Some ladies often find it difficult go through to the weekly hair routine sessions due to their daily schedules, one of the best ways to protect you hair during harmattan is to cover it up, some ladies don’t like to because it affect their hair styles, turbans keep your hair moisturized and keep you stylish at the same time. Remember to wear a processing cap under the head wrap, This will help keep your hair moisturized in the dry weather.


Men’s pair must-have sneakers

By NewsDesk

Colorful is a young writer, Stefan Green, favorite even though there are very few things he loves, and  one of them are great sneakers.

Sneakers that are not only stylish, but that would last throughout rainy season, and summer, and those crazy days (if you’re a student, you’re probably doing more walking than driving as you want to save petrol!).

To him, it would do a lot of good to list out sneakers that which would  last, while saving money in the long run (remember the African Proverb: Buy cheap, buy twice!).

On Green’s sneakers list:

This is my personal fave as I had a pair in high school and college. Both pairs lasted six years. They are easy to take care of, they are affordable, and they are comfortable. You can dress them up or down, and they also come in a huge variety of colors and shades and cuts that will suit you needs.

All Star Converse
This sneaker, I think, was there before the foundation of time. All Star Converse come in many shades and colours and you can design your own now! They come in different cuts, including the ankle grazer and the high top. If I were you, I would go for the all black or otherwise the classic white with the red and blue stripes.

These guys have done really well, starting with skateboard-style shoes and branching out to the mainstream in time. I’m sure you will find a cut and a style that suits you. I recently fell in love with their all-white style and these shoes are hard-wearing as they were meant for skateboarding and doing kick-flips and grazing the ground and tar. So get a pair – it will last for a very, very long time.

Adidas – Shell Toes
I had a pair as a kid and I had them forever. They made this shoe so strong, and it’s great looking! They recently re-released the range – you may know them as Stan Smiths. They will set you apart in a crowd because they stand out, they are hard-wearing, and stay white for long. They are also leather – so shut-up and get a pair… they will outlast the weather.

Adidas Samba
Again, a personal revelation: I had a pair. Guess how long they lasted – eight years! They played soccer, I wore them up with suits… I even took them on a few dates. They’re available in great colours, tones, and shapes, and you can buy the leather or nylon variety.