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CAF bars Cameroon from hosting 2019 Nations cup, seeks new host

By Olawale Abdul-Fatah

The Confédération Africaine de Football (CAF) has barred Cameroon from hosting the 2019 Nations cup over insecurity and poor preparations.

CAF lamented that the decision was sequel to several complaints against the host on conditions for the tournament which it couldn’t ignore considering the importance of the tournament to football development Africa.

The football body made the announcement on Friday after an Extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee in Accra, Ghana, stressing that a number of compliance conditions have not been met.

According to CAF, we will ensure that a new host is in place by 31st December 2018, and it will communicate openly and transparently on the process and subsequent decision.

“After having considered that a simple postponement of the tournament was impossible because of CAF’s contractual commitments, and the importance of maintaining the competition calendar, the CAF Executive Committee decided that the next edition of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations could not be held in Cameroon.

“This decision, without appeal, will mean that CAF will now initiate an open and urgent call for new host country bids to ensure AFCON 2019 takes place next summer,” it added.

CAF stated that there was wide gap between facilities on ground and stipulated standard for the competition.

“In addition, after having heard from representatives of the governmental and sports authorities of Cameroon, and reviewed the latest progress on preparations, CAF notes the gap between the requirements of hosting the AFCON and realities on the ground.

“Furthermore, after hearing the conclusions of the CAF Security Inspection Team during their most recent visit to Cameroon, CAF concludes that the Africa Cup of Nations could not be exposed to any issues that could impact on the success of the most prestigious African competition.”

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