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Britain’s PM to represent EU withdrawal deal before parliament

By NewsDesk,

The Britain Prime Minister, Theresa May, has concluded plans to face parliament over her EU withdrawal deal next month, the fourth showdown, which could also be her last act as Britain’s MP.

As gathered, the new development is coming after talks with opposition party, Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, with her announcing that MPs would vote on legislation to implement the Brexit deal in the week, starting June 3.

However, agaisnt her pronouncement, Labour warned that it was yet to agreed to support the bill, while May’s Northern Irish allies said that unless the EU agreement changed, they would not back it.

It would be recalled that the Britain’s PM struck a deal on the exit terms with the European Union in November, but was rejected by the House of Commons, three times.

Unwilling to end more than four decades of EU membership without new arrangements in place, May had delayed Brexit twice, most recently to October 31.

Public opinions held that setting a date for the next parliament vote without an agreement with Labour is a gamble, and that if she loses, May cannot hold another in the current parliamentary session.

Reports indicated that Brexit delays have caused huge anger among May’s Conservative MPs as well as voters, and the party is braced for an electoral drubbing at European polls next week.

As reported, May has been under intense pressure to fulfill her promise to MPs to deliver Brexit and then stand aside for a new leader.

According to reports, on Thursday, she will meet senior Conservatives who have demanded a detailed timetable for her departure.

Meanwhile, her ministers, many of whom were already jockeying to replace her, agreed in the week that any Brexit deal must be passed before parliament’s summer holiday at the end of July, with possibility that Britain could then leave the EU on July 31.

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