Between decamping and governance

By Azibola Omekwe,

The other day Dele Agekameh continued the hype of Atiku’s decamping from the APC to the PDP. It is clear it has generated a spirit that has possessed Nigeria in recent times.

The hullabaloo is buzzing, akin to Nigeria having successfully won the World Cup, or the Nigerian economy having overtaken that of the USA and China.

More to that, it is being believed to be a criminal thing since words like “political prostitution” were used to describe this lawful and basic right of a public figure who has been a champion in the public service, business and politics.

In a country where it is believed that most public office holders have skeletons in their cupboard, Atiku has thrown a challenge to the whole world for anyone who has evidence of any thievery by him to come forward with it.

The truth is that there are enemies of Nigerians who do not want him to be president come 2019. And they believe that the surest way to stop him is to tar him with corruption. But none has come forward to the challenge.

This is the most delicate open declaration by someone who has been in a Nigerian cash agency like the Customs Service and has been a Vice President for eight years. The person he is likely to contest against, in an apparent challenge to Atiku, dared him to go to the United States as if that country is more concerned about corruption in Nigeria than he who claimed he was going to arrest corrupted people and jail them.

But as at now, this purported austere president of ours who has led us in evidence against Atiku’s decamping is being linked to one of the best built residential estates in Nigeria.

Surprisingly, the press missed that. If I may ask, how can Atiku’s decamping raise dust more than an exuberant first family?

 The most shocking of all is how the media has decided to oblige the present APC-led regime by being diverted to talk about Atiku decamping. Why do we have to cast aspersion on what is lawful? We urge the media to rather look at Atiku’s character of sacrifice for democracy. What about his journey from grass to grace? Can the youth learn and hope in such a model? What is his position on restructuring and devolution of power? Why is he not intimidated by such a new national phase? We believe those are the things that should engage us. Why criminalise a lawful act?

Truth be told, this provides us with a choice come 2019. Should we undermine the opportunity of choice to talk about a lawful action which most politicians including the president are guilty of? If we enact a law that all Nigerian politicians who ever decamped be banned from politics, we might require a microscope to sift through those who never did.

Since the advent of democracy, the Nigeria media has shown itself to be the best guardian of Democracy. They had severally mobilized Nigerians to oppose obnoxious government actions. A classic example was the role they played on the occasion of bedridden late Yar’Adua. A major newspaper based in the north in collaboration with Obasanjo told Yar’Adua to give way for the necessary things to be done. Obasanjo said exactly what Nigerians wanted. That was the deadly blow that quashed the stalemate. Barrage of opinions ensued. And then death came calling and Nigeria moved forward. The rest is history.

In virtually every sector in the country, the Nigeria media has performed creditably. On Goodluck Jonathan, they preferred a Buhari replacement thereby throwing decorum overboard. Admittedly, while many worked behind the scenes for Buhari, a handful were objective, which automatically did not work in favour of Goodluck Jonathan. The ones who wanted GEJ out went on unsolicited whistle-blowing of everything he touched. It was a hysterical blitzkrieg. Some papers did what they did under the guise of for ‘God and Country’, and for ‘trust’ while a handful of them desperately wanted Jonathan.

Buhari won. High Chief Raymond Dokpesi spoke about the written and unwritten reasons GEJ lost that election. They are obvious. Perhaps for national expediency and the tragedy that has continually haunted Nigeria, nobody would be bold enough to come out to put it in black and white. In fact, it was better we let it be and face the restructuring we want.

 Coincidentally when Buhari came to power, executives of some popular media houses got appointed to ‘juicy’ positions. They are Nigerians. It is their right. They had been very critical of governance throughout the days of PDP. But we are lucky those that criticised the government came to power. Nigerians have never seen worse poverty like today. Bomb blasts have considerably been reduced with a great takeover by cattle herdsmen. There is increased insecurity on our roads. Nigerians are generally afraid to travel. Surprisingly, the media has gone to sleep on a general note. They are silent over practically everything that has gone wrong: joblessness, runaway unemployment, inflation and insecurity. They probably have decided to ‘siddon and look’ before they react.

 But how come they are now agitated about Atiku’s decamping when no doom statistics roused them? When foreign debt has attained a frightening position? Are they sold by the ‘righteousness’ of Buhari? How does righteous and austere living substitute for good governance? How can we trust austere character more than Nigeria’s future? Is it true that soon there will be an increase in pump price of petrol? Lest we forget, a section of the media, political parties and civil society had insisted there must not be increase in price of petrol during Goodluck Jonathan’s regime. But this administration doubled the price of petrol and wants to do so again. However, because ‘our mumu never do’, we saw nothing wrong with it. There is no need for a strike again because some people have crossed the bridge and are no longer sorrowful. They are however on guard against anyone who decamps and leaves their party for another to challenge them. They are sure of our gullibility to remind us of how staying in one party is morally right. But then they would have us forget that the political party they started with has gone into extinction. The government of the day has performed so creditably that some columnists have decided to partner with it to make sure Nigerians remain in the government party – apologies to Dele Agekameh. In fact, those who provided a platform to tell late Yar’Adua to resign are now commissioning already-made railway and dry port with no tangible start-up facilities in the face of poverty. That Nigeria would soon produce the highest population of the poor in 2018; what percentage would the north take under Buhari? All eyes on Atiku’s decamping rather, says the media.

Recently, Rotimi Amaechi accused Goodluck Jonathan of squandering the Excess Crude Account. Everybody was stupefied for this crass falsehood. In fact, the fight to squander the ECA as propounded by Amaechi was his journey to stardom then in opposition circles. We have not forgotten how Amaechi and his co-travellers rushed to court and defeated the government to bring the ECA for sharing. The future did not matter at all. But few weeks ago, he had the temerity to tell Nigerians that he fought to protect the ECA. Sadly, Atiku’s decamping noise completely dwarfs that part. The government machinery redirected our attention to a mere moral bias that is even lawful instead of reprimanding Amaechi for peddling falsehood. The media did not find it fit to rebuke the government for Rotimi Amaechi’s action. Our children, future leaders, have been taught one lesson: if you are feeding fat, nothing matters again. This terrible silence by a section of the media has sown a seed and raised falsehood to statecraft. But can it be admitted that this government has degenerated to this extent? We were told he is a man of integrity. In short, he is on the verge of rewarding Amaechi with re-appointment as a campaign DG. Telling lies apparently is going to be the thrust of this government.

But let it be clear, this government is not really against decamping even if it happens a million times. What made Atiku’s decamping distasteful is that he decamped from APC to a party that would unseat them. Just steal all the money you can, you could even be the most sought after guy in the EFCC. But all you need is to decamp to APC then walk majestically; the chief host of the party would be at the gate welcoming you with a lot of hype and razzmatazz. Then the EFCC will eventually understand. Then the money you stole will have gone forever. Even the media does not see such commando decamping as anything. Truth is, they have crossed the bridge and feel no more sorry. 

 Nigerians, remember nobody knew who reinstated Abdulrasheed Maina. By the utterances of his lawyer, it shows the man is in the good books of the government and the last has not been heard about him. The latest frivolous application of the Attorney General of the Federation before the Federal High Court shows the silhouette position of the government in Maina’s case. Nigerians have moved on despite Buhari’s henchmen knowing and protecting him. The Nigeria media and civil society that kept vigil in Abacha’s regime have been kowtowed. Emboldened by Nigerians pliability, the in-thing in town is that the dead and zombies are now on our pay roll! That is upping the stakes. Since some are preoccupied with Atiku’s decamping, ghost workers now hold sway. And if you complain too much, they will tell you it was a mistake.

Atiku has decamped from the APC to the PDP. We know. But how does that surpass the inaccurate lies that have characterised the fuel crisis since December last year? For the sake of hapless Nigerians, Atiku needed to decamp. Some are decamping to save their loot while he decamped for good governance that he is obsessed with. He can decamp for the sake of the Nigerian state. Remember, even a section of the media and the civil society have decamped from vigilance.


Hon. Omekwe is a former member of Bayelsa State House of Assembly.

Legislators, Heads of State to discuss Lake Chad’s extinction at Global Forum

By Adewunmi Abodunrin,

In a bid to proffer solutions on saving the drying Lake Chad, the presidency, in conjunction with other Heads of States and Government of the Lake Chad Basin Commission is planning to have a International Conference scheduled to hold from 26th to 28th February, 2018 in Abuja.

Minister of Water Resources, Suleiman Adamu, disclosed this on Thursday, through a statement made available by the Director for Information and Public Relations Unit, Federal Ministry of Information and Culture, Margaret Umoh when the United Nations (UN) Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed paid him a courtesy visit in Abuja.

Adamu noted that the objective of the conference is to find lasting solutions in recharging the drying up of the basin, while stressing that in the next 50 to 100 years from hydrological perspective, the lives of the people of that region who depend on the lake as their source of livelihood would be in danger as the Lake faces extinction.

The Minister proposes for cheaper and workable solutions to saving the Lake from extinction. According to him, the MoU signed between the Lake Chad Basin Commission and the POWERCHINA International Group Limited in April 2016 to save Lake Chad from drying up, can be actualized by the transfer of water from the Congo Basin to Lake Chad Basin.

Adamu said that study done by POWERCHINA, shows that it is technically feasible to transfer water from river Congo to Lake Chad thereby increasing the level of the Lake. This, according to him would halt the receding of the Lake and the drying of the north basin due to climate change.

Speaking further, he called for more workable solutions that may be cheaper than the Inter-basin water transfer.

On cooperation between Nigeria and the UN on the re-integration of the people of the North East ravaged by the Boko Haram insurgency, the Minister said part of the ministry’s efforts in cushioning the effects of the insurgency in that region under this present administration in the past two years has been by budgeting about 1 billion naira annually to water supply and sanitation facilities for the IDPs nationwide

The Deputy Secretary-General of the UN, Amina Mohammed had said that the purpose of the high-level mission which was an informal consultation on political, human rights, humanitarian and development issues will help scale up UN presence in the North East in particular and Nigeria in general.

She said UN is more committed in the re-integration process on-going in the North East as well as in the planned Conference of Saving Lake Chad that is scheduled for February, 2018. She charged Heads of States and Government of the Lake Chad Basin Commission to consider passing the resolutions of the Conference in a communiqué to the African Union (AU) for further action.

“Saving the Lake Chad is a sustainable development issue and the UN is ever ready in addressing such an issue. All hands must be on deck in saving the Lake from extinction. We need to know how it can work and not how it cannot work,” Amina said.

Facebook projects big changes to news feed

Facebook has announced its plan to provide less content from businesses, brands and media with more focus on contents from friends and family for  its two billion users scroll on News feed.

According to its CEO Mark Zuckerberg  who made the declaration on Thursday, the move was in a bid to make people feel more positive about the time they spend on social media. The content Facebook shows “should encourage meaningful interactions between people,”he said.

“The research shows that when we use social media to connect with people we care about, it can be good for our well-being,” Zuckerberg wrote. “We can feel more connected and less lonely, and that correlates with long term measures of happiness and health. On the other hand, passively reading articles or watching videos — even if they’re entertaining or informative — may not be as good.”

The announcement comes one week after Zuckerberg, who famously declares a News Year’s resolution on Facebook each year, announced his goal this year will be to “fix” Facebook. This includes dealing with abuse on the platform, such as Russian meddling in elections and ensuring users feel like logging onto Facebook is “time well spent.”

Facebook has denied it is a media company, but in recent years, brands, media companies and other content creators have turned to Facebook for its unparalleled reach and engagement. It’s a point Zuckerberg acknowledged in his post, writing that “video and other public content have exploded on Facebook in the past couple of years.”

“Since there’s more public content than posts from your friends and family, the balance of what’s in News Feed has shifted away from the most important thing Facebook can do — help us connect with each other,” Zuckerberg said.

The News Feed shake-up will also usher in a shift in thinking for Facebook’s product teams. They were previously given the mandate to help users find relevant content. Now, Zuckerberg said, they’ll be tasked with helping deliver more meaningful social interactions for Facebook users.

Facebook’s algorithm — think of that as a complex digital recipe for deciding what shows in each person’s News Feed — will now prioritize posts from friends and family that “spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people.”

What’s unclear is whether the changes could perpetuate an echo chamber effect, assuming users are more likely to interact with posts that reinforce their beliefs.

The changes are also a blow to brands and media companies that publish on Facebook. Adam Mosseri, Facebook’s head of News Feed, said these public pages can expect to see their reach, video watch times and referral traffic decrease.

“Pages making posts that people generally don’t react to or comment on could see the biggest decreases in distribution. Pages whose posts prompt conversations between friends will see less of an effect,” he wrote in a blog post.

With people no longer having as much content to passively consume in their News Feeds, Zuckerberg said he expects some measures of user engagement will decrease. That’s news shareholders may not want to hear, but Zuckerberg said he believes the changes will be mutually beneficial in the long run for Facebook’s two billion users and its bottom line.

“By focusing on bringing people closer together — whether it’s with family and friends, or around important moments in the world — we can help make sure that Facebook is time well spent,” he said.


Buhari charges Aare Ona Kakanfo, Gani Adams on Nigeria’s unity

Adewunmi Abodunrin with Agency Report,

President Muhammadu Buhari has enjoined leader of the Oodua Peoples Congress, Gani Adams to use his new position as Aare Ona Kakanfo to pursue worthy goals of security, peace and national unity.

He made the charge through a statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, while congratulating Adams on his investiture as the 15th Aare Ona Kakanfo scheduled for Saturday.
Commending the Alaafin of Oyo, Lamidi Adeyemi III, on the appointment of a new Aare Ona Kakanfo, Buhari further urged the new Kakanfo to bring quintessential courage, wisdom and astuteness to bear on his new office, for a more secured life for the weak, vulnerable and voiceless in the country.

The statement read in part, “President Buhari charges Otunba Adams to use the new position to pursue worthy goals of security, peace and national unity. The President commends the Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi III, on the appointment of a new Aare Ona Kakanfo, who will assist him in the arduous task of leading the illustrious Yoruba people.

“President Buhari urges the new Kakanfo to bring quintessential courage, wisdom and astuteness to bear on his new office, for a more secure life for the weak, vulnerable and voiceless in the country. The President prays that the Almighty God will grant the Aare Ona Kakanfo a favourable reign,” it stated.

Ganiyu Adams is a Nigerian social activist and politician who leads a faction of the Oodua Peoples Congress, a secessionist and nationalist organisation based in Nigeria, which supports a sovereign state for the Yoruba people.

El-Zakzarky is not dead, social media posting is false

Agency Report, 

Estranged leader of Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), Ibraheem El-Zakzarky has been confirmed not dead.

The social media posting on Friday which affirmed the death of the detained spiritual leader of Shiites is allegedly false.

Details coming soon…

150 doctors protest kidnap of colleague

Agency Report,

Not less than 150 doctors from private, public, missionary hospitals and tertiary institutions in Cross River State, yesterday, protested in Calabar the kidnap of their colleague, Dr Emem Udoh.

Udoh, a senior registrar in the Department of Pediatrics, University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, was kidnapped on Monday in Calabar.

The doctors, who wore black, threatened on Tuesday to stop work because six of their colleagues and relations had been kidnapped in the last few months.

They had, however, celebrated the release of their colleague, Dr Usang Ekanem, on Sunday.

Ekanem, who works in Cross River College of Education Medical Centre in Akamkpa Local Government Area, was kidnapped on December 26.

The aggrieved doctors, who protested on major streets in Calabar to the Government House, condemned the government’s approach to abduction of doctors in the state.

Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) Chairman Dr Effiong Mkpanam said all hospitals would remain closed until their colleague is released.

Mkpanam urged the government to address security challenges in the state.

“We are not safe and we want people to know that we cannot go to work because we are not safe. We want unconditional release of Dr Emem Udoh who is a nursing mother and until she is released, all the doctors in Cross River State will sit at home.

“Anybody who wants medical treatment should go to the neighbouring states,” he said.

Youths rally in Pakistan for 8-year-old rape victim

Agency Report,

Thousands of youths in Pakistan rallied on Thursday to seek justice for an eight-year-old girl, who was raped, murdered with her body left on a rubbish dump.

Young students from schools, colleges and universities were joined by the civil society activists and lawyers in protests against the crime in the city of Kasur in the central province of Punjab.

Image result for Youths rally in Pakistan for 8-year-old rape victim

The body of Zainab Ansari was found in a garbage bin on Tuesday, four days after she was abducted from her home in Kasur district.

It was the twelfth case of a girl being abducted, raped and killed in the past year in the district, police said.

It would be recalled that Police had found the body of the girl on the rubbish tip in the middle of the city on Tuesday, a week after she was kidnapped, local Police Chief Zulfikar Ahmed said.

Ahmed said an autopsy on Wednesday suggested the girl was raped before being strangled to death at least six days ago.

Protests that erupted in the city on Wednesday, continued for the second day as an angry mob ransacked a hospital and the private residence of a local member of parliament, police official Iftikhar Ahmed said.

Students called for the death of the perpetrator at rallies from the southern metropolis of Karachi to the north-western city of Peshawar.

“We want the culprit to be hanged publicly so that no one dares commit such a crime in the future,” a mother at the protest in Peshawar told Dunya Television.

Related image

He said there have been a dozen similar incidents in Kasur in the past in which minors were kidnapped, raped and killed, Iftikhar.

He said the DNA testing of the latest victim and in previous cases suggested that a “lunatic serial killer” was behind almost all of the crimes.

Police investigators have, however, released CCTV footage of Zainab walking in the street holding an unidentified man’s hand as well as a sketch of a man wanted over the killing.

But Zainab’s father Ameen has appealed for the authorities to do more.

“We are going to try and not bury our child until the issue has been properly resolved. We are going to appeal to the Chief Justice of Pakistan, to the army chief of Pakistan, and everyone that has daughters,” Ameen said.

Zainab’s mother added: “I want justice. I want justice. I don’t know anything else. I just want justice. I do not have Zainab with me any more.”

Zainab Ansari before her death.

Kasur district police officer Zulfiqar Ahmed defended the police response to Zainab’s kidnapping.

“Over the last four or five days we mounted a search operation to try and find her. All the localities of Kasur and abandoned places were searched, but unfortunately we were not able to find her. Yesterday afternoon her body was found inside the main refuse dump in the city,” he said.

Ambode adjusts cabinet, appoints new commissioner for information, others

By Adewunmi Abodunrin,

As an indication that governments at all levels are prepared to fast-track development of citizens across Nigeria, the Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode, has reshuffled his cabinet with appointment of new executive members including Commissioner for Information and Strategy.

Aside appointment of the governor’s former Special Adviser, Communities and Communication, Kehinde Bamigbetan, as commissioner for Information and Strategy, that of other member of the state’s executive, Ambode also laid off three commissioners who were believed to have under performed in their areas of specialties. 

Through a statement issued on Thursday by Secretary to the State Government, Tunji Bello, the governor listed three affected cabinet members who were Commissioner for Ministry of Physical Planning Urban Development, Anifowoshe Abiola; Commissioner for Ministry of Science and Technology, Femi Odubiyi and Commissioner for Ministry of Tourism, Art and Culture, Adebimpe Akinsola.

From the governor’s list, after appointment of Bamigbetan, Segun Banjo was appointed as Special Adviser for Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget,  Olayinka Oladunjoye to be in charge of Ministry of Commerce and Industry; while Hakeem Fahm would serve at Ministry of Science Technology; and Ladi Lawanson, for Ministry of Transportation;.

On same development, the state governor also deployed Rotimi Ogunleye from Commerce and Industry to Physical Planning and Urban Development;  Uzamat Akinbile-Yusuf from Ministry of Youth and Social Development to Ministry of Wealth Creation; Agboola Dabiri from Central Business District to Ministry of Youth and Social Development; Steve Ayorinde from Ministry of Information and Strategy to Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture; Babatunde Durosinmi Etti from Ministry of Wealth Creation to Ministry of the Environment.

Others included: “Dr. Samuel Adejare from Ministry of Environment to Ministry of Waterfront Infrastructure Development; Engr. Ade Akinsanya from Ministry of Waterfront Infrastructure Development to Ministry of Works and Infrastructure.

“Benjamin Olabinjo has been moved from Special Adviser, Commerce and Industry to become Special Adviser Civic Engagement, while Kehinde Joseph moved from Special Adviser Civic Engagement to become Special Adviser Housing.

According to the statement, Special Adviser Sports, Deji Tinubu, has been redeployed as Special Adviser to the Governor on Commerce and Industry and Anofiu Elegushi moved from Special Adviser Transport to become Special Adviser, Central Business District.

“The new commissioners are expected to be cleared by the State House of Assembly while the other redeployment and postings take immediate effect.

“The new appointments and redeployment are geared towards creating a new vigour and vitality for service delivery which has been the hallmark of the Governor Ambode administration”, it stated.

Going the ‘smoothie’ way

It’s hard to stay healthy without preparing a bit in advance. Easy access to all those egg rolls, fish pies, small chops, puff-puff and other junk food in hold-up around Lagos make it difficult to keep your healthy binge in check. Luckily, these smoothie recipes are so simple and can quench any craving. The best part is – you can take these quick smoothies with you on the go! So you won’t have to give in to the sour candy calling your name at the mall.

Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie

This smoothie is pretty easy to make! You just add all of the ingredients to a blender, and blend it until smooth. Any standard blender will work just fine. You may need to scrape down the sides of the blender periodically to make sure you’re incorporating all those delicious little chunks of strawberry.

This delicious and refreshing strawberry lemonade smoothie has only three ingredients and is ready in less than five minutes!

Ingredients: frozen strawberries, lemonade, vanilla or strawberry yogurt.


Chocolate Banana Shake

Sometimes we can’t help but have that craving for chocolate. This shake will taste just like a chocolate shake without the added sugar. The frozen bananas and yogurt will make this smoothie as dense and as creamy as if it were ice cream. Try it out and let us know what you think!

Related image

Ingredients: Frozen bananas, Almond Milk, Vanilla Greek yogurt, Cocoa powder

Pineapple with a twist!

In the mood for something refreshing? That will make you feel like you’re lying on the beach in Elegushi? Maybe you’re in the mood for a little zest and punch of sourness. We got your back! This smoothie is healthy and tastes amazing! You won’t even taste the added leafy greens with all the sweet and sour from the fruit. You get all the added benefits without the green taste.

Image result for pineapple and lemon smoothie

Ingredients: Frozen Pineapple, Kale or Spinach, Coconut water and/or Pineapple Juice, Fresh Lemon Juice

Blueberry oatmeal on the go

Sometimes, we just don’t have the luxury of sitting down and enjoying our delicious oatmeal first thing in the morning. With this smoothie, you can take in all the flavors of your favorite breakfast without costing yourself the time. Just throw all the ingredients in the blender, and you can take this smoothie with you on your morning commute. Eating your breakfast through a straw has never been so fun and delicious!

Image result for blueberry and yogurt smoothie

Ingredients: Frozen Blueberries, Greek yogurt, Honey, Oats, Almond Milk

Tumeric and ginger with a kick!

So you’ve feeling a little under the weather? Especially with the dry wind heralded by harmattan. Maybe you could use a boost of energy? This wellness drink is perfect for you! With a bunch of ingredients that will boost your immune system, and the cayenne will give you that kick of energy you need to get things done! Give your body what it needs to feel good so you can take on your day with energy and power!

Image result for Coconut Water, Fresh Ginger, Frozen Pineapple, Fresh Lemon Juice, Honey, Turmeric powder, Cayenne pepper smoothie

Ingredients: Coconut Water, Fresh Ginger, Frozen Pineapple, Fresh Lemon Juice, Honey, Turmeric powder, Cayenne pepper.


INEC approves 22 new political parties

By Adewunmi Abodunrin,

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has awarded certificates to 22 newly registered political parties, raising the number of registered parties in Nigeria to 68.

While presenting the certificates, INEC’s National Chairman, Professor Yakubu Mahmood enjoined the newly registered political parties to observe electoral rules.

INEC posits that 21 political parties were earlier approved for registration as at December 14, 2017 until a court judgment asked it to include the Socialist Party of Nigeria thereby bringing the figure to 22, with over 90 applications still pending for registration as political parties.

The election management body charged the country’s 68 political parties to embrace alternative dispute resolutions as constant court cases also affect the operations of INEC.

One of the newly registered parties, Grassroots Development Party of Nigeria (GDPN) has since commenced operation after it got its certificate by holding a meeting with its national officers in Abuja after which it addressed the media on its expectations and what Nigerians must do to enhance democracy in the country.

Image result for INEC presents certificates to 22 newly registered parties

INEC disclosed that it has become necessary to get cooperation from political parties for a successful 2019 general election, owing to the fact that if each of the 68 parties in Nigeria today fields candidates for the 1,558 constituencies to be contested in 2019, INEC will be grappling with massive logistic challenges for 105,944 candidates.

The political parties registered are Abundant Nigeria Renewal Party, Coalition for Change and Freedom and Justice Party, All Blending Party, All Grassroots Alliance and Alliance for New Nigeria, Re-Build Nigeria Party, Restoration Party of Nigeria and Sustainable National Party.

Also registered are Grassroots Development Party of Nigeria, Modern Democratic Party, National Interest Party, National Rescue Mission and New Progressive Mission, Justice Must Prevail Party, Legacy Party of Nigeria, Mass Action Joint Alliance, New Progressive Movement, Nigeria Democratic Congress Party, People’s Alliance for National Development and Liberty, People’s Trust and Providence People’s Congress were also registered.

Yakubu said, “The number of new political parties has risen to 22 in addition to the 46 parties already in existence. This means that the total number of political parties in Nigeria today stands at 68.”

He therefore, advised the new parties to operate within the law at all times, as well add value to Nigeria’s democracy by adhering to the tenets of democratic norms anchored on the rule of law.