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Ankara market survey for 2017

By Barakah Bashir

Ankara has become a popular commodity worldwide. In 2016 Ankara style become trendy and it is no longer regarded as a dress for the African locals and oldies, and not just modern and appealing, but also astounding.

The trendiest of all in 2016 was the Ankara match and mix pattern and plain designs in which blocks of various fabrics were sewn together on a plain material to create clothing with a few different colors. With the rate at which the print trended in 2016, one only begin to imagine if the Ankara would do as well or even more in 20017 than witness  in 2016.

On part of Omotosho Oluwaferanmi of Lavender fabric, secret of Ankara trend is prints and price because for most designers, the textile is among easiest fabrics one could work with.

However,what would be additional development to 2017 expected increased sale of the fabric is the price because Ankara comes at different cost tags and qualities, in small, medium and big of the locally made fabric.

So choice is there for lover of the African made textile to go for whichever categories of preference, and with a good designer, it could be rocked effortlessly.

Besides, celebrities abroad have also been promoting the riches in area of sales of the fabric because of their patronage and exhibited love for rocking in varieties of styles.

Also, contributions of clients across Atlantic to the development was felt in folds as they send pictures of celebrities demanding for varieties of the fabric, and with such development there is guarantee for 2017 to be a better year for the African prints.

Ankara made shoes on display. Google

Yetunde Olukoya, founder of Ray Darten maintained that African print and Ankara fashion would do so much better in 2017, business wise, because the growing interest and demands were undeniable, and that with increase in awareness of the African trend, demand for high quality of the fabrics is stepping up market games.

According to her, 2016 was a done deal for the industry, with great development been recorded, and the demand for African print fashion would continue to grow through the roof of entrepreneurs who are into e-Commerce platforms with obvious growing potential.

To her, Africans should expect the prints to hit runways in 2017, just as last spring and summer,  during which African textiles were seen in full effect.

“I cannot wait to have gorgeous prints, colors, flowers, ruffles and bows in 2017”.

Ankara made bag bags and shoe> Google

She further expression her enthusiastic for more production of garments fixed to rock, a symbolic dignifying way to give back to the black continent’s riches.

“Ray Darten produces in the US and Nigeria and intends to keep it that way, both countries have given so much fashion-wise as regards Ankara”.

Halima Shuaib, another fashion designer, said in 2017, just like 2016, people would embrace more Ankara prints because of its versatility of turning it into beautiful pieces.

Her statement was supported by Sisialaro, an Ankara dealer, who said, she is certain that Ankara is here to stay as it has been in the market for as long as she could remember and that the prints have got beautiful patterns and colors that bring styles to life.

“The Africa made textile promotes African culture and the Ankara over the years, has become so versatile that people design in household item and or gadgets with including books, furniture, wears etc.

“And with new designs coming out I doubt people will ever stop demanding for it”.

    Another African fabric freek ‘Butterflies by Aa’eshah, a designer popularly known for her Ankara made bags,  noted that people have been warming up to the idea of African inspired fashion which would definitely lead to considerable growth in 2017.

“I am making print bags because of my love for  vibrancy of African textile and also the enjoys derive while working with them”.

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