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Agbaje attacks Sanwo-Olu, warns Lagosians against voting him

By Maryam Adamu

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate in Lagos State, Jimi Agbaje, has warned electorate against casting their vote for the All Progressive congress (APC) flag bearer, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, describing him as one that cannot be trusted with governance.

Agbaje argued that because the APC and its candidate had no solution to Lagos challenges was reason they have resulted to mudslinging.

In a statement made available to the Guild on Thursday, by Jimi Agbaje Campaign Organisation, JACO, he was responding to an alleged statement made by APC candidate on Tuesday at a rally in Lagos Island.

The PDP candidate alleged that Sanwo-Olu at the campaign ground mocked him as lacking requisite ideas needed for the development of the state and urged the people to reject him at the polls.

Reacting over the APC candidate claim, Agbaje said described Sanwoolu as stand-in contestant that rely on directives from some persons that have well-entrenched interests on the state which has held back the development of the state for the past 20 years.

Agbaje queried what Sanwoolu had to offer asides from making grandiose milestone claims, all of which have been contested by other people.

He said: “This is a man without any specialty, tossed from one ministry to another before ending up in the housing corporation, where his tenure in that agency has added nothing towards improving the state’s world-acclaimed housing deficit.”

Agbaje, while warning Lagosians against voting APC during next month’s election, said: “the APC was a leopard that could not change its tendency to inflict misery and suffering on the teeming masses. Lagos should expect nothing from Sanwoolu too, except the continuation of misery and suffering.”

He noted that the achievements brandished by Sanwo-Olu on Lagos were apparently false and had been faulted by several experts in the state.

Agbaje said: “Sanwo-Olu is not a standalone candidate but a proxy who is only being propped up by some godfathers whose prime interest and motives are to further plunder the resources of the state.

“The people know, and the whole world knows, that all the indices for growth, development and progress as they relate to Lagos are pointing in the negative direction.

“Independent scorecards released by various reputable international organisations regarding the state of affairs in the state are there for all to see. And they pour scorn on the so-called management credentials of Sanwoolu, a two-time commissioner, and his paymasters.”

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